Monday, 22 February 2010

More Experimental Textiles!

One day I'll get the hang of doing this all in a oner! More finished pieces. The one on the left was a beatufil dyed piece of calico which looked like autumn leaves in a lovely blue sky. So I did small collage along the bottom of the fabric as I didn't want to spoil the lovely patterns. The three pieces on the left are a set. Two of dyed fabrics with machine embroidery and collages and the middle section from paper. The stamped leaf was one from the West Dean grounds. Some of our dyed "washing" hanging out to dry!
We made stamps from erasers (top line) and used anything we could find to stamp on calico - wooden buttons, leaves from the gardens, sequin waste and cork.
Another finished piece - some quite delicate stitching. Again all dyed materials and paper.
Same again but its matching piece - which were entitled the West Dean Journey. These were two collaged pieces made early in the week, which I initially discarded as I didn't particularly like them, but I returned to them later in the week, added stitching and some other materials and eventually got to quite like them!

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