Monday, 3 May 2010

Coffee Filter Book

I had the idea of doing a coffee filter book for some time, but finally got around to it.  Not for beginners!  Coffee filters are not symmetrical and most of them are different sizes!  But it was fun and I love the shape of the book.

The book is really "musings" - subjects that came to me while I was doing the book and mainly the differences between Terry and I.  I used up alot of bits and pieces and also experimented with some different types of collage.  The flower on the front is another one I've made from dictionary and calligraphy paper.

What you can't see are the labels I made for the inside of the pockets.  They are inked and masked with distress inks and then I've journalled about the subject.

All alot of fun!

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anna christensen crafts said...

Wow! just been having at look at some of your older projects whilst sipping my coffee and found this. I love it so much, what a clever idea and so beautifully done. You have a lovely talent