Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Button Family Canvas

I'm also doing another course with the Creative Classroom - Wire Paint and Paper with Catherine Scanlon.  This is the first canvas of a set of four.

The canvas was first covered with stamped tissue paper (I stamped my own tissue tex with Brown Staz On Ink and a Crafty Individuals clock stamp).  Then I overlaid white and cream paint to create texture and cover up the hardness of the stamped images on the tissue paper.  Other layers of paper and paint were then added before placing the buttons.  Never have so many buttons been repositioned!  They were all then sewn on with brass wire. 

We were encouraged to develop a theme with this first canvas which will then follow through the set, in addition to adding some symbolism.  My theme is the "Passage of Time" and each canvas will depict a different generation of the Atkinson family.  The clock in the right hand bottom corner will point to the next generation when the set is hung.  Symbolism?  There are two female buttons (a pink one and a flowery one) for my mother in law and the tape represents the fact that the photo was taken in 1955/1956.

I wasn't too sure about it at first, but now I've stopped working on it I am getting to quite like it.  I'm looking forward to the next canvas which we start tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

A beautiful canvas Jennie, love the layers of stamping & the buttons. Great idea to depict the year with the tape too. Looking forward to your next canvas.
Alison x