Monday, 25 October 2010

Generations Canvas

The third canvas in my online course with Catherine.  I used photographs from six generations of Terry's family from Mary Horwood who with her husband Martin came over from Ireland in about 1860 with nothing (hence the use of our favourite Yeats poem - I being poor have only my dreams) through to our eldest son Adrian who is soon to become a father himself.  I love the photograph of Adrian's great grandmother in her wedding finery which seems to indicate that it didn't take long for the family to make its mark!

For all this looks a simple canvas there was a lot in it which took ages!  I used Ranger Antique Linen Crackle Distress for the background, but I felt it was too dark so painted over it with a weak white acrylic paint mix.  Rubbing the Tea-Dye into it afterwards resulted in quite a nice "vintage" look.  The wire "frames" were fiddly but I think very effective and are all sewn on. 

Again I learnt alot of different techniques and have to thank Catherine for introducing them so well. 

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