Saturday, 31 December 2011

Bits and Pieces

After a pretty eventful Christmas we are hoping here in Shetland for a quiet Hogmany and New Year's Day.  Wind speeds on Christmas Day were recorded at 101 mph and 5,500 homes in Shetland were without power on Christmas Day and Boxing Day (including us!).  Bear in mind only 22,000 people live here!  Two houses lost their roof and there was significant damage across the islands.  We were lucky but my large net tunnel in the veg field didn't survive and I've lost lots of garden pots and their plants.  

This week I have had a mega clear out of the craft room and decided to make a bits and pieces book along the lines of the "stuff" book in this month's Scrap 365 magazine.  I am hopeless at keeping a regular journal or diary, so this will be for all my scraps - mis-inked pieces, unused photographs, little notes.  I hope it will be fun.  It felt great going through my paperstock and using some of the smaller pieces for the book. I think it could get quite addictive!

I have spent some time this morning visiting blogs and everyone seems to be having a review of their year.  So I had a look through my blog and thought I would post just three pictures of those projects which I felt gave me a real sense of achievement.   

Wishing you all a healthy and creative 2012. xx

Colourwash and Grungepaper Hanging

Coffee Filter Scrapbook

Scrapbook Layout of My Mum - my favourite piece of the year.


Seahorse Ranch Girl said...

Hello from Washington State, USA. I know how scary high winds can be. I hope they have left you for a good long time. I enjoy looking at your art and reading your bits of background information. Happy new year to you.

Plume said...

Jennie, what a beautiful mini album to start a journal! I love the different sizes and forms of pages. Also I hope he weather tames itself a bit where you live.

Fliss said...

Really lovely artwork Jennie.
Just popped over to congratulate you on being the Craft Stamper featured blog. Great to see you there and you must be over the moon.
Happy New Year!
Fliss x

The Sparkly Fairy said...

Such beautiful work. I saw your profile in Craft Stamper and popped over to say hello. Have a Happy New Year x

Pattie said...

WOW lovely work Jenny ! x