Saturday, 4 February 2012

Thank You!!

I came onto my blog this afternoon and discovered that two incredibly talented people had sent me the Liebster Blog Award. 

Thank you to Suzanne Bouchard at La Maison de Plume - a blog I visit regularly as Suzanne's work is so colourful and unique and Mel at The Yorkshire Fox -  whose creations are fabulous (check out her amazing mixed media creations with a sea theme).  I find it amazingly humbling that you both find me and my work inspiring.  Please do have a look at both of these blogs as the work and creations are fabulous.

So what is the Liebster blog award: the idea is to highlight five blogs with less than 200 followers that you visit on a regular basis and you find inspiring.  There are five rules:

  • share your appreciation with the blogger who awarded you the Liebster by linking back to their blog.
  • post the award
  • share the five blogs you are awarding the Liebster with and let them know that they have received it.
  • enjoy the new attention this award brings to your blog
  • and finally - have fun!
So here are five blogs I visit regularly and whose work and posts I enjoy and find so inspiring:

Sue : Pink Ink

If you have time do click on the links and visit these wonderful blogs as I am sure you will also find their work inspiring.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend - its just wet and windy here (but great crafting weather!)


1 comment:

Sue said...

Congratulations Jennie. It's nice to know that others enjoy your work isn't it.