Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Where flowers bloom so does hope ..................

I have really enjoyed Catherine Scanlon-Mathews course Journal to Art and have spent alot of my spare time in the last couple of weeks completing a number of art journal pages.  These are quite large (12" x 8") so take a bit of time!

This page is from a photograph I took of the red hot pokers in my garden which sit quite nicely among the daisies and are in bloom all over the garden at the moment, despite the cold temperatures.  I reduced the photograph to a sketch in photoshop to remove the clutter and then used the shapes to create the journal page. 

This second page is a bit more whimsical with a design of flower I quite like doodling!  The task was to include a bit of text paper in our design - mine is very subtle!

Considering we started five weeks ago with some simple doodles, Catherine has a wonderful way of stretching each one of us in the way our art wants to develop. Her videos and encouragement are truly inspiring!  I certainly now feel so much more confident in my journal art. 

Catherine ran the course through My Creative Classroom and hopes to run it again in the future.  I can certainly recommend it!


Artyjen said...

Just lurve those red hot pokers ;) The colours are amazing. Great hand drawn doodle flowers too:)
xoxo Sioux

pooky said...

Oh my goodness!!! Beautiful pages Jennie!! It's with great pride that I inform you I have nominated you fro the Liebster Blog Award...please check out my blog for the deets:)

Netty said...

Loving your beautiful pages Jennie, x

Sue said...

Love the colors in both of these pages, Jennie!

Von said...

These are so beautiful Jennie :)
Von x♥x