Thursday, 8 November 2012

The Magic of Christmas .........

Although I am flat out producing/directing the local panto, I am making sure (for my sanity!) that I craft each afternoon in order to relax and clear my head - and because I just LOVE it and miss it if I don't.

So in order to make sure I had something to drive me, I've been doing an online Christmas Card course with Catherine Scanlon over at My Creative Classroom called The Magic of Christmas.  Ten interactive cards over two weeks. I am not a great card maker so I really needed some ideas for some different types of cards. I love doing Catherine's courses, she is such a great tutor and is very inspirational and supportive.  And of course you always end up getting your sewing machine out! 

So here are the first three cards I have made:

A tent card:

which opens out to hold a photograph
(my gorgeous little grandson!)

A pocket card:

And this is my favourite so far!
with lovely hanging pennants inside!

Thanks for stopping  by and having a look - I can certainly recommend the class and it is only day four!

I hope you are all getting better weather than us:  it is very grey and dull here and of course the light is not good as the days are getting shorter and shorter.  I feel as though I have the lights on all day and photo opportunities are  getting very limited!

Roll on summer!


Sue said...

Such lovely cards Jennie and always nice to make something a little different.

Catherine Matthews-Scanlon said...

Your cards are beautiful Jennie - thank you for blogging about them and sharing the love! Have fun with the rest of the class -- oh and your panto -- which I think means play??

Julia S-W said...

One word: Stunning!! I'm not keen on making cards either and have yet to start my Christmas cards. These are wonderful and I like that each has a hidden aspect - how clever! I need to follow that link and see who this lady is! (not sure if I could catch up with four days worth though as I'm having trouble saying hi to all the blog friends I've missed this week!). How on earth you find time for pantos I do not know but I'd like to know your secret!
Have a wonderful weekend.