Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year and Happy Birthday!!

A very Happy New Year to you all and welcome to my first post of 2013 and what better way than to celebrate with a layout of my grandson who is 2 today!  Happy Birthday Callum - and what a lovely skype we had earlier. 

I hope you have all enjoyed the Hogmanay and New Year festivities.  I am not one to make resolutions but have a few "goals" I would like to achieve.  I hope you all achieve what you wish for x

For once we have an absolutely still day - NO WIND!! but it is very icy so we have decided to stay put and start the year doing the things we love.  So Terry is in the kitchen doing some leatherwork and I have been up in the craft room preparing this layout for Shetland Scrapbookers January meeting.  I draw the short straw on this one - we all felt a bit out of our comfort zone as the theme of the meeting is a layout using patterned paper as a background.  I hope everyone enjoys it!

A blurry photograph of Callum and his Mum, but it just shouts out buckets of love! 

Thanks for looking and have a lovely day x


Astrid Maclean said...

What a gorgeous LO and your grandson looks adorable! Even if it is out of your comfort zone, - it looks fab!!

Happy New Year to you too!!

Margaret said...

The picture is so precious and I love the use of time elements with it!
I had to smile at the challenge of using patterned paper as the background. When I first started scrapbooking (over 13 years ago), the patterned paper base was the 'in' thing. My papers were so busy that the pictures would be lost among the prints. Definitely not the case with your gorgeous page!

Sue said...

A lovely layout and what a lovely little boy. Happy New Year to you and Happy Birthday Callum.

Alison said...

A wonderful layout to celebrate Callum's 2nd birthday Jennie! Goodness, doesn't time fly, I remember when he was born!
Happy new year to you!
Alison xxx