Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Crafting Heaven

Many of you will know that I have been in Coventry this weekend attending a fabulous weekend workshop  (Applied Creativity in 3 Acts) attending workshops with Anna Dabrowska (Finnabair), France Papillon and Marta Lapkowska - three of my all time favourite mixed media artists.

It was a most amazing weekend, jam packed with projects, techniques, laughter, inky fingers,  meeting old friends and making new ones.  All my projects survived my trip home so I have today been able to take photographs and will share them with you.


Our first project with Marta was this amazing hanging using all manner of boards, metal, resin and paperclay embellishments which we then aged with brown paints. 

I really loved the layering and then the ageing just adding the touch of turquoise to give it an amazing depth.

Marta's Sunday project was this wonderful wooden board which again was layered with greyboard and embellishments and then sprayed with four corresponding colours. 

Marta is wonderful at finding "ordinary" items to use as embellishments - here little picnic forks!


Anyone who knows France will know that she always surprises! and she certainly did with this project. We MADE, yes MADE a plaster of paris egg which we then decorated and then of course we had to make a nest for it!

Not an easy one to photograph and it did suffer a little damage on the way home but this project will be remembered for the laughter at the "laying" of the egg - when we burst the balloon to see what sort of egg we had. Mine was rather small - some were akin to ostrich eggs!

Our second project with France was this rather abstract board but she wanted to get us to make something using techniques which we could utilise in our art journals. 

At the start this was my least favourite project, but by the end I absolutely loved it. I really learnt so much about creating depth and texture in a very simple way and I can't wait to utilise the techniques in my art journal.


Our first project with Anna was also a board which we decorated with paint techniques and then collaged metal and board in what is Anna's unique style.

She makes her placement of the embellishments look so simple but I certainly struggled to get something I was happy with. 

And finally our last project with Anna - this beautifully decorated notebook cover. There was much painting and spraying on this before going in with her wonderful new waxes (which I must say have the most beautiful aroma - vanilla and frankincense.

A wonderful weekend spent with so many like minded people. I spent a lovely Friday evening in the company of Marjie Kemper, France Papillon, my fellow Vintage Journey Creative Guide, Anne Redfern and Rachel Fisher who I had met on the team at Country View Crafts.

And then a chance meeting in the breakfast queue got me talking to Jan MacAuliffe which led me to spend the rest of the weekend crafting with these lovely ladies who before Saturday I had not met at all.

Jan MacAuliffe, Kathy Byrne, Jacqui Chimes and Janina Byrne

So a fabulous time was had and much was learnt and many new friends made. 

Jennie x



Maremi's Small Art said...

So nice to read your feelings after the event.
Love, love, love your makes !
It was an absolutelt pleasure to meet you. Hugs xoxoxox

Mrs A. said...

These all look amazing . Just my cup of tea. Hugs Mrs A.

Joan said...

Such fabulous creations Astrid, what a wonderful time you had

Team Clark said...

I really enjoyed reading every word! What fun this must have been! So happy for you. :)

Lys Scrap said...

Such wonderful meetings, Jennie! Your creations are beautiful, so different inspirations, such rich resources!

Brenda Brown said...

So glad you enjoyed the weekend and came home with such beautiful projects, how lovely to have been immersed in such amazing creativity. Have a great weekend xxx

Redanne said...

Jennie, your projects are all gorgeous! It is so like France to create such a delightful project for everyone to enjoy! It was so lovely to meet up with you for dinner, it was such a lovely evening! Hugs, Anne xx

Margaret said...

So many beautiful creations and I love the different techniques and items that were being used! Sounds like you had a marvelous experience!

rachel said...

Absolutely brilliant post Jennie - I love all of your pieces and I adored meeting you! You truely are a superstar! Big hugs rachel x

butterfly said...

So many magical works... thank you so much for sharing your wonderful adventures in Coventry. This is a weekend I would have loved to be part of. Amazing artists, amazing art and techniques and lovely crafty rendezvousing.
Alison x

A Pink said...

So glad you had a great time both creating and meeting friends and making the, Jennie
Your projects are all fabulous and such lovely memories to remind you of your creative weekend. Thanks for sharing, Jennie x