Sunday, 12 November 2017

Paloma - the Dove of Peace

I have been very lucky to be the "keeper" of Paloma these last few weeks. 

Paloma is a dove of peace created by Lys in France and began her travels in late 2015 visiting crafty people all around the world sharing her hope of peace. Lys started Paloma's journey on her blog after the attack on Paris in 2015. You can find out more about Paloma on Lys blog ImpressionScrap

This is a long overdue blog post as I unfortunately lost all my photographs of her wonderful weekend in the northernmost UK island of Unst. But thankfully I found them the other day on a stick which had fallen behind the computer, so I can now share them with you.

Within a couple of days of receiving my lovely package I was teaching a workshop at Belmont House in Unst with nine friends and Paloma came too. So here are some photographs of her little trip:

Paloma started her journey to Unst on two ferries, this is the second one.

Despite the blue skies of our arrival day, the weather then became AWFUL so I could only take photographs of her inside. 

Here enjoying the views from the back of the house ....

.... and also out the front windows too.

.... alighting on ledges and chairs .......

... and making a contribution in the Belmont House 
Visitors Book ...

... as well as enjoying some sumptuous meals with friends!

And so she is now winging her way across the Atlantic to her next exciting adventure in America.  Thank you Lys for letting me be a part of her journey of peace.

Jennie x

PS If you would like to host Paloma then please let me know so I can add you to the list (so far she has been in France, England, Scotland, Canada, America and Australia).


Rita said...

So glad to hear that our dear Paloma is still traveling the world. She certainly looks as if she enjoyed herself in Shetland too. Hugs Rita xxxx

Lys Scrap said...

So happy to hear from Paloma, and see how she spent such a fabulous time with you. A creative week-end certainly gave her a new energy to continue her travel around the world. Thanks so much, Jennie.

Redanne said...

It seems such a long time since I had her for a visit, but I am so happy to see that she is still on her travels and that she enjoyed a wonderful trip to Shetland! Hugs, Anne xx

Astrid Maclean said...

Don't know how I missed this, so glad Paloma is still safe and continuing her journey! She certainly looks as if she had a Fab time while in your company:)

butterfly said...

So pleased to see Paloma is still making her way around the world - and what a lucky dove getting to come and play at Belmont House!
Alison x

Julia Aston said...

My friend Nancy just let me know that she received Paloma Jennie! What a lovely time she had while visiting with you! Nancy is going to send her off to Spain where her sister lives - so the international journey continues! Julia xx

Jackie P Neal said...

Looks like Paloma had a most wonderful time and was greeted sweetly by your friends! Happy you found your photos and she is off again on her travels!
Jackie xx