Cabbage Rose Tutorial


Astrid Maclean said...

Wow, Jennie, what a great video (I only just discovered it)! The flower turns out fabulous, and for a visual person like me it's just so helpful to see it in a video! Thank you!!!

Джулия said...

Спасибо, чудная работа! Волшебство!

Studio Susanne said...

Hello Jennie, Thank you very much for making and sharing this lovely 'how to' video, you explain so clearly how to achieve the gorgeous results for making these darling little decorations. Being able to see how the expert does it has really helped, I hope that I will be able to do justice to your tutorial. As I was watching and listening I was trying to recall who it is that your voice reminds me of, and after a few minutes I realised that it is Judi Dench : ). You have such a lovely voice.
Warmest best wishes from across the miles her in France,