Tuesday, 8 September 2009

SWRI Craft Show

I had 11 entries in the bi-annual SWRI Craft Show. I was very pleased to get a first in: a watercolour painting, a pencil drawing, a child's birthday card, any other crafts - 1955 scrapbook and any other crafts - bonded fibres picture. I also got a second for my scrapbook layout and my recycled article and knitted scarf. A felted necklace also gained a highly commenced. I was absolutely delighted to win the Trophy for the most points in the Arts and Crafts Section (for a second time!). It is great fun entering the show, but also a wonderful opportunity to see a huge range of wonderful crafts undertaken here in the islands. The baking is out of this world, as are the range of preserves entered and this year the produce stand was just heaving with the most wonderful range of vegetables and fruit (even grapes).

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