Monday, 30 April 2012

Rosebud Flower Tutorial

I have been wanting to make a small rosebud style flower for some time for my scrapbooking and cardmaking and so I purchased the Tim Holtz Tattered Flower Garland purposely to do this (not that I normally need an excuse!).

So here is a picture tutorial as to how I made these little flowers. 

These are the flowers from the die cut I used and the order in which I used them.  I used Stampin Up Very Vanilla cardstock and you need just one of each of the four individual shapes.

I spritzed them with Vintage Pink Glimmer Mist and blended (very lightly) some Vintage Photo Distress Inks around the edges.

I used a ball embossing tool on some foam using a circular motion in the centre of the wrong side of the flower (just the two smallest ones).  This just helps the edges curl up slightly making the next stage a little easier.

Taking the smallest of the flowers I placed a small amount of glue at the left hand edge of each petal (I am using Art Glitter Clear Adhesive, but any pva glue will do). Then fold each petal into the centre glueing the layers together.  It was not possible to take a photograph of this stage so I hope you can see from the picture what I have done.  Don't worry too much if the edges collapse a bit at this stage, or it is not too circular as this is the inner rosebud.

Place your completed rosebud into the centre of the slightly larger flower and placing glue again on the lower half of each petal go through the same process, folding towards the centre, one at a time.

The rosebud centre is now completed.

Taking the other two flower shapes, I have used the ball embossing tool on the right side this time creating a little bit of shape to the petals.  It is then just a matter of layering your rosebud onto these petals.

The completed flower, about the size of a 50 pence piece.

  I also used the larger leaves from the Tattered Flower Garland, blended some Bundled Sage Distress Ink onto them, misted them with some water and scrunched them up a bit.  When they were dry I blended a little Vintage Photo around the edges. 

I think this will be such a versatile little flower!  I hope you have some fun making them too.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

My dear old friend ..............

Yes, this is me and my teddy back when I was just 14/15 months old.  I still have him, minus an eye and hugged so much he is quite bare of fur in places, but he still sits beside my bed.  

I was looking for a good black and white photo to fit in with this month's SWIRLYHUES challenge the colours of which were pink, beige and black - quite a challenge!  It is worth clicking the link and seeing the wonderful layouts the design team put together.  Here is the story board.  I tried to follow the layout  but didn't have three small pictures so went for one large one instead.  I used a mixture of papers:  Pion Design's Rosebud and Basic Grey Capella and Basics Kraft.  I cut the Rosebud paper really frugally so I managed to get the outside frame and the inner layer as well. 

Part of the challenge is also to use at least one technique from the Swirlydoos site.  I used Paulien's paper edge distressing techniques and also her handmade button from her latest card tutorial.  I have also used Camilla's layering technique tutorial. 
I also made all the flowers using the Tim Holtz Tattered Floral Garland die.  I took some pictures while I was making them so hopefully I'll get a tutorial posted for these lovely little rosebuds. 

I made them from cream card and spritzed them lightly with Vintage Pink Glimmer Mist and edged them (again very lightly) with Vintage Photo Distress Inks.  The leaves were also from the Tattered Floral Garland Die and after colouring them with Bundled Sage Distress Ink I scrunched them up.  When dry I used Vintage Photo Distress Ink around the edges and across the creases.

Thanks again for looking and I hope you are all enjoying the weekend.  It has thankfully stopped raining here!

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Vintage Rose Flower Tutorial

These are my all time favourite flowers - I just can't stop making them!  You will see that I use them alot on my scrapbook pages and in my mini-books.  I am grateful to Lisa Gregory on her blog What A Mess for her tutorial Swirly Hibiscus Flowers.  She is a flower maker supremo! and if you like making flowers have a good look at her blog as she has loads of inspiration - a very clever designer!

These are my version and I hope you like them too.

Punch, die cut or stamp three large flowers and one small one using smooth cardstock.  I have used Tim Holtz's Tattered Floral die and Very Vanilla Cardstock from Stampin Up.  Cut into the petals slightly of the larger flowers if using the Tattered Floral die.

Ink the edges with Distress Ink - here I've used Victorian Velvet but Vintage Photo is another favourite.

Spritz a flower with water and whilst wet mould it around the end of a small paintbrush, folding in all the layers.

Leave to dry naturally whilst still scrunched.  You can speed this up a bit with the heat gun but you need to open them out and it means you lose all the scrunched up layers. 

When dry, open out carefully and using a bone folder "pull out" the individual petals.  You will see that the creases give a lovely texture.  You may wish to add a little more Distress Ink to the eedges at this stage.

With a thin knitting needle, curl the leaves either inwards or outwards depending on the type of flower you wish to create.  I tend to curl the bottom layer outwards and the inner layers inwards. 

Assemble your flower by layering the different flowers on top of each other.  Add pearl gems or small rolled roses for the centres.

I hope you enjoy these roses as much as I have done and that you have a go at making them.  You can get quite different looks from using different punches or die cuts. 

Here I have used Donna Salazar's Grand Peony Dies (Spellbinder) and a star punch for the centre.

And these were made using Donna's Rose Creations Dies by Spellbinders:

Thanks for stopping by and having a look.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Dahlia Style Flower

I have been making flowers for my scrapbooking and mini-books for some time now.  Making your own flowers is very satisfying, economical, but most of all ensures that you always have the right colour flower, being able to either use the same inks, card or papers that you are using on your scrapbook page.  There are a lot of videos and tutorials on the internet for making many different flowers and I am sharing one today that I have found to work well and is relatively easy to make but looks quite stunning on a layout or card.  I am hoping to share a few more tutorials over the next week.

There are a number of tutorials on the net showing how to make this type of "crimped" flower and I thank  VICKY  of Simply Paper  for initially sharing this crimped technique.  I wanted a flower that would be really sturdy  to go on the cover of a mini-book and had mutliple layers and her technique just fitted this perfectly.   I have made the flower with a number of different dies and stamps, so at the end of the tutorial I'll show how they came out quite differently.

To start you need some good quality smooth cream or white card - I use Stampin Up Very Vanilla.  Die cut, punch or stamp a number of different sized leaves:

Edge each flower with some ink - you don't have to be too careful as the ink will soften when spritzed with water:

Spritz each flower with some water and then roll each petal over the barrel of a watercolour brush, then squeeze the petal to a point.  I was trying to take a photograph with one hand and hold the paintbrush and flower with the other, but it is easier if you hold it horizontal!

 Leave the flowers to dry and you will find that they go "crisp" and are quite sturdy.

Once the flowers are dry you might want to add a little more ink around the edges.  Assemble the petals on top of each other, but ensuring the petals do not overlap the previous layer.  As you glue each layer together hold each petal down with the end of the watercolour brush and you will see that the petal edges rise slightly and this gives depth to the flower rather than it being flat.

Experiment by making this type of flower with different dies, punches and stamps.  This flower was made with petals cut from Donna Salazer's Rose Creations Die (Spellbinders) and using Ranger Co-ordinations Cardstock - it took alot of water to get the petals soft enough to manipulate, but again it dries crisp and holds it shape wonderfully.

This flower was made using the Artistic Stamper's Flower Power stamp and gives a slightly fuller petal which is lovely:

Oops a small one there made from the smallest flower on the Tim Holtz Tattered Florals die!

And here's another one using Ranger Craft Core Cardstock and Donna Salazar's Grand Peony Die for the outer petals and Tim Holtz Tattered Florals for the inner.  Instead of inking the edges of the flower, once it was dry I rubbed it lightly with some sandpaper to reveal the core. 

You don't have to stick to plain paperstock either - this was some brightly patterned text paper that I probably wouldn't have used in my scrapbooking but it made a great flower!

As I make more similar flowers using different dies, punches or stamps I will add them to this post! 

Thanks for looking and I  hope you have a go yourself!

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Compendium of Curiosities II with a little bit of ribbon and lace ..........

It is so good to be back doing the Compendium of Curiosities challenge again with Linda Ledbetter over at STUDIO 3.  The celebration of all things Tim Holtz.  I only joined in towards the end of the last challenge but really enjoyed taking one technique at a time from  Volume 1 and getting to grips with it.  So with Volume 2 now published here I am at the start of this challenge.

Linda took us to page 66 for this first challenge - custom foam stamps.  There are rules to this challenge and I can't explain the technique only direct you to the page in the book.  But I can say I didn't think I would manage this as my foam was very thin, but Kling On cuts very nicely in the Vagabond, so all was not lost and I found it made a very good stamp.  You can get details about the book on Tim's block HERE

I am also entering this into the ARTISTIC STAMPER CREATIVE BLOG monthly challenge which is Lace and Ribbons - my favourite embellishments!  The Design Team have created some lovely projects, so worth checking out.

The card is for my friend who celebrated her 60th birthday two days ago, but is currently on a beach holiday in the Mediterannean - no surprise birthday party for her!  So this will be ready for her return in a few days.  She loves the colour green, which I don't particularly, so it is always a challenge to make a card.  I got some lovely ideas from Paulien's card tutorial this week at Swirlydoos for the flower and general layout.

Enjoy the weekend and I hope the weather starts to improve soon ........

Friday, 13 April 2012

Memories of ................

Where did the last four weeks go ??  This year seems to be wizzing past, although spring weather has not appeared yet - today is cold, windy and occasional snow and hail showers.  I have been busy making some lovely projects, but sadly I can't share them with you as (such excitement!!!) they are DT works for publication, so watch this space for sneak peaks during May and then again in July. 

But I thought I would share this layout we did at Shetland Scrapbookers a couple of weeks ago.  Well done Julie for coming up with such a great fun time - cutting and painting corrugated card - we were all like children again!  Most members celebrated their husband's sheds, but I had so many memories of beachut holidays as a child and teenager, I thought it would be quite appropriate to make a beach scene. 

I am loving these old b/w photos in my Mum and Dad's collection - nothing majorly close up, occasionally blurry and of days when I was thin(ish).  So different from the digital ones of today.

Have a good weekend everyone and thanks for visiting.