Friday, 28 September 2012

September Whatevers and the story of Edna and the puffed sleeves ...........

I am really enjoying The Whatevers - Creative Story Telling.  This month's photograph is rather stunning, but I was really unsure what to do with it.  Then I noticed the puffed brocade sleeves on the dress and I was away! Which also coincided very nicely with Astrid's Friday Freebie - beautiful Victorian ribbon spools.  Thank you Astrid!
So here is my story:
Edna couldn’t quite clear the smile from her face. She felt smug and didn’t care who knew it.  

It was the dress – oh the gorgeous dress which she had made! Sending to Edinburgh for the heavy brocade material and then carefully trying to cut out the pieces to copy the dress design she had seen in the Edinburgh Advertiser. 

What had pleased her most were the puffed shoulders with the brocade trim – even now she couldn’t believe she had managed it.  

But best of all was Olaf’s suggestion that they have their photograph taken to show off the bonny frocks she had made - for yes she had also made Kirstaine’s as well. Her best sewing efforts recorded – for ever more. That made her very happy.

I am really loving my Dylusions Sprays and have been inking up a few pages so I have got plenty to play with.  Here I've used London Blue and Vibrant Turquoise and a bit of the next page red seeped through!  Embellishments were all from the little pile of "bits" that have accrued over the last couple of weeks in the corner of my desk, so it was great to use them up without diving into any stash.
Do click the link HERE to go to Catherine's blog and the Whatevers link and enjoy her wonderful take on these photographs.  You will certainly smile at the way she changes the photographs giving them wonderful hairdos and great clothes. 
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Thursday, 27 September 2012

Together ............

Trust me to join in at Once Upon A Sketch the one month when they have four challenges!!  Each time I see the layout and colours I just want to give it a go!

Here is the case file.  I just loved these colours and thought they would work really well with a black and white photograph.  For my evidence I used:

  • branches (well stems!)
  • flowers
  • newsprint (I made my flowers from an old 1953 newspaper I found recently in an old trunk!)
  • a bit of misting (water) after I used the mask on my background paper

For my testimony I used the inspiration word:  Together

Why? This is a photograph of my parents.  My mother looks very young and I think she was only 18 when it was taken.  My father had been engaged to someone else but broke it off after he met my mother at a church social event.  They married three years later and were always exceedingly happy in each other's company, doing very little on their own. 

So the together is quite an apt word and I tell the story on the small tag tucked behind the photograph.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you are enjoying a wonderful day as we are here - lovely blue skies, sunshine, but temperature about 8 degrees!

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Vintage Texture ...............

I have been working on this little project for the last 10 days - it started out as an idea as a scrapbook "tape" which I would then wind around a small cotton reel.  However, I got a bit enthusiastic with my layers and it was too thick to wind!  So it became a little book instead measuring only 1.5" high and 9" long. 

I wanted to celebrate some photographs of my Nana, taken in her early years.  Born in 1895 she married in 1924 after a career as a nurse.  But she was widowed six years later and left with three small children, one of whom was my father.  The youngest was just 3 months old. 

She was such a gentle woman, but so very strong and brave, caring for all three children, taking in laundry and lodgers and eventually working full-time in an office when the youngest started school. 

She even managed own her own house, no mean feat for a single parent in that period. 
Nana R has certainly been a great inspiration to me.

As this little book is so full of lace, tape, stitching, mesh, scrim and layers I thought it would be a good entry for the second challenge at Anything But a Card which is TEXTURES. Click the link HERE to go to the blog and see the fantastic DT projects and also the amazing array of entries for the challenge - so many different ideas.
I was absolutely thrilled to be chosen as one of the Featured Artists from the first challenge for my little mini book of "the girls".  There were so many wonderful entries, I feel very honoured to have been chosen.
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Monday, 24 September 2012

A great day spent scrapbooking ..............

It was the first of the Adult Learning weekend workshops on Saturday and we started off with two layouts and seven eager participants - some totally new to scrapbooking.  We woke to the most brilliant day of weather and it seemed incredible to be sitting INSIDE, but we got stuck in and had a great day.

We made two layouts from three pieces of patterned paper and two pieces of plain cardstock.  We used doilies and cupcake holders! and we tried a few techniques - splattering and inking with Distress Ink, Crackle Paint and Acrylic Dabbers.  And of course we made a few flowers!

Here are the two layouts I designed:

And here are a selection of some of the layouts made on the day - sadly I didn't get photographs of all the layouts.  We used some lovely bright papers from Bo Bunny and Basic Grey and it was amazing how they fitted so well with all the photographs.

Well done everyone - I am looking forward to the next workshop!

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Being a Boy .............

I got back home yesterday having spent four lovely days with my daughter in law and grandson in Memus.  Callum is now 20 months, chatters away and runs everywhere.  Nana has come home with very sore knees and had to tighten the notch in her trouser belt - nice to lose some weight without trying!  We had a great time visiting the park, which he loves, playing on the trampoline, in and out of the castles and forts and feeding the ducks.  We did manage a bit of finger painting and stamping on Monday morning when Mummy was at work.  Lots of fun! if a little messy ...........

I came home with some lovely photographs and when I saw the colours for the second September challenge at Once Upon a Sketch, I just had to use one of them.  I should have been hoovering and tidying up, but this was much more fun!

Here is the Case File:

For my evidence I used:  packaging (blue label), labels, circles and buttons
For my testimony:  handwritten journalling

 I have purposely not bought boy or child papers for my scrapbooking but looked around for items which I might be able to use with my (vast and evergrowing) paper collection and bright coloured inks.  The stars and heart were blue and lime green, so these were altered with red pepper alcohol ink, as were the title letters in order to create a co-ordinating look.  I also used red pepper and sailboat blue Colour Wash for my background along with a little gesso for texture.
Do click the link HERE for Once Upon A Sketch as there are some amazing DT layouts and a super range of fabulous entries.
Thanks for stopping by and I hope it is not as autumnal with you as it is here.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Nana Crawley ...........

I have been a lurker on Once Upon a Sketch for a long time, so thought it was about time I joined in! 
Current Challenge
The "case file" for this challenge is unusual in that it is more than a sketch and colour challenge with journalling and techniques also required. 

This is so not the layout I was going to do! I had planned a really inky page with a small photograph of my Nana.  But then I noticed the painting hanging on the wall at the top of the photograph.  It is not any old painting but a watercolour of three shell pickers on the beach painted by my Grandpa in 1927 and which now hangs in our sitting room!  What a surprise as I've looked at this photograph so many times!  So I just couldn't cut the photograph and consequently had to change my whole page design!

So this is my interpretation of the colour scheme and sketch and I have also used:

: leaves
: fibres
: tone on tone
: floating inspiration words
: journalling in the form of a letter

Add some collaged and inked pieces and some handmade flowers and leaves, a search through my drawers for doilies, pins and lace and I surprised myself with the colour scheme!

My journalling is on the ribboned tag - what was she thinking/dreaming of?  Would she have had any idea where her life was eventually to take her and even now how often she is remembered and loved.  I know she dreamed as she told us such wonderful stories which I always believed were true!

Do pop along to Once Upon A Sketch and have a look at some of the DT layouts and some of the fantastic entries.  Every layout is just so different.

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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

I don't play games ...................

A short post to share a journal page I made today for the Rebel Stampers Journal Challenge which this month is "games". 

I do not play games ..... 

I do not do strategy  ........

..... and when my boys were only 7 years old they could beat me easily at Cluedo with "Muuuuummm - he couldn't possibly have done it!" 

I am loving my Kate Crane DVD (No. 2) which my husband very kindly got me for my birthday - and I might add after a GREAT many hints. 

So thank you Kate for some great ideas!  I am re-discovering rub-ons and some old background stamps.

Friday, 7 September 2012

The Whatevers #3 : The story of Osla and the pesky midges ............

It's time for my Whatevers entry this month - the great story telling challenge devised by Catherine, Vicki and Natalie.  Not really a great Shetland picture this one (too many trees! - in fact it should have no trees at all!), but my story this month is about Osla - cousin to Sunniva and Magnus (Whatevers #1).

Osla was not having a good day.  She had laddered her black stockings climbing through the heather up to the picnic spot and that stupid ribbon bow - it just looked so childish. 

She only saw her cousins from Vidlin once a year on the family summer picnic and she so wanted to be as grown up as they were.  She was thrilled to be asked to be in their photograph, managing to get away from her pesky little cousins Magnus and Sunniva and their childish games.

So here she sat, hands clasped ladylike around her knees and trying to look older than her 13 years when "woosh .............." a great cloud of midges rose up from the rock in front of her and started buzzing around her face, eyes and ears.  Oh drat! she thought and before she knew it she shouted out "Urghhhhhhhhh midges!"
But it was too late, the photograph was taken and her three cousins turned and looked at her in disdain, their solemn expressions frozen on their faces.  Osla wanted to cry and melt into a big hole. 
Perhaps next year it will be different" she thought ..................
I am still in a post holiday rut of not remembering how I used to do things!  So this page is a bit of a hotch potch of sprays (which came out rather dark), inks, a bit of gesso and collaged pieces from my scrap box.  I've ordered some Dylusions sprays to hopefully wake me up!!

Click the link HERE to go to Catherine's blog and her wonderful entry and links to Vicki and Natalie's stories.  Also you can go to some wonderful stories entered by Cuchy, Penny and Mila.

Have a lovely weekend and thanks for looking!



Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Anything But a Card Challenge !!


I am sure you have all heard of the new Challenge on the block - Anything But A Card.  This bi-weekly challenge started this week and the theme for the very first challenge is "Anything Goes". 

This is great as I have just finished a small mini-book based on the one designed by Kim Woods in July's Scrap365.  As I am still loving my Tim Holtz Sewing Room die, I just had to give this one a go.  I also had some wonderful photographs taken when my friends visited Shetland back in May. 

I also downloaded some Pink Paislee digital downloads from Jessica Sprague's site which was a new one for me and  I thoroughly enjoyed inking up this lovely set of tags, banners and strips. 

A little book but just packed with so many happy memories.  I also made a small dent in my stash of Basic Grey papers!

PS:  It is great to be back online properly after being hit by lightning last Wednesday! I've been trying to visit blogs with the laptop, but it is not the same.  Still no TV but we've not missed it yet!