Saturday, 28 May 2011

Grungepaper Flowers

I just had to take a photograph of some of the grungepaper flowers sitting at the side of my desk at the moment.  They all look so colourful - grungepaper, paper, denim, calico ............ 

I recently lead a workshop in grungepaper and other flowers and these were the  roses I prepped for the workshop and those made during the workshop.  They are just as they "landed" when I got home!

Now to think of something to use them on ...............

Shetland Scrapbookers : Stamping for Scrapbooking

The theme of today's crop was Stamping for Scrapbooking and although we had a layout to work to, mine follows this very loosely.  Only eight of us this morning, but we all had a good time, although most of mine was stuck down when I got home.  It is always interesting working with a limited amount of cardstock and stamps at a crop - your mind tends to go down the route of "I've got some far better bits and pieces at home" !

I am trying to complete layouts of little grandson Callum but without buying children's paper, so I am going for appropriate colours instead - yellow is somewhat out of my comfort zone!

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Grungy Monday 08 : Watercolour

Back to Grungy Monday on a Thursday! But what a wonderful week I had with our little grandson (and his Mum and Dad of course!).

For this week's technique, Linda took us back to one of Tim Holtz blog posts back in September 2008.  This watercolour technique is one of my favourite techniques ...... however ..... I have only ever done it with Distress Inks and never with Adirondack Dye Ink.  Click the link here to be taken direct to Tim Holtz's blog and watch him take you step by step through the technique.

I only have one pad of Adirondack Dye Ink (how sad is that!) - Cranberry - which was a bit dark and juicy to use on its own.  So I thought I'd have a play with some Stampin Up Dye Inks I recently purchased to go with it.  This wonderfully "easy" technique is deceptively difficult when working with bright dye inks instead of the muted distress inks - judging by all my practice pieces! 

Do click the clink here for Linda's blog and take a look at the stunning examples posted by Sue, Ellen and Linda herself, together with everyone's amazing interpretations of the technique.

I am struggling to leave comments on blogs at the moment - I thought it was just me but I see that other's are having problems too.  Hopefully this will be sorted out soon as there are so many wonderful examples of this technique.  Thank you all for sharing such wonderful work.


Monday, 16 May 2011

Grungy Monday 07 : Ink Colour Blocking

Grungy Monday on a Monday!  ............ and what a technique. 

Ink Colour Blocking - which if you click the link here you will find a quick video of Tim demonstrating his Distress Ink Color Blocking Technique. As Linda at Studio L3 says "this is such a fun and easy way to create a funky, mod/grunge look, and you can use it for so many projects".

I did a couple of small pieces first and wasn't too sure if I liked it as the colours I used were quite bright, but once it started drying and the colours all merged together it looked really great. 

So .... what to do with my inked piece.  It looked quite "masculine" so I decided to make a birthday card for No. 2 son who is always on his bike (training and road racing).  I used the Rusted Enamel Technique from the Compendium of Curiosities for the cogs and despite using all the same colours of ink they all look a different colour!

I had very little time to make this card as I am getting ready for a visit from my other son, daughter in law and gorgeous (of course!) 4 month old grandson - so probably no crafting for the next week!

Do click the link to Studio L3 as there are three beautiful and stunning examples of this technique.

Thank you all for your help with my dabbers last week - it was very much appreciated!

Enjoy your week.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Grungy Monday 6 : Wood Effect Technique

Grungy Monday on Sunday ...... and this is not what I intended to do at all with my tag!

The Grungy Monday (ie celebrating all things Tim Holtz) challenge this week over on Studio L3 is an acrylic paint technique which results in a great wood effect.  That is the theory anyway.  Click the link here to see the technique and Sir T's great result. 

Am I the only person who cannot get paint to flow out of a paint dabber?  I have never had any great success, so my acylic paint was plastered on with a credit card so it was a bit thick in places.  Which didn't seem to matter as I got quite caried away doing a collage and covered most of it up!  You can just about see the best bits down the left hand side!

Do click the link to Linda's blog and see her fantastically coloured piece and also Gabrielle's calming butterfly frame along with all the other entries. And who knows ..... next week I might get to do this on Monday - hmmmmm just realised that is tomorrow!

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend!

Friday, 6 May 2011

Grungy Monday 5 : A New Dimension


Linda over at Studio L3 has chosen for this week's Grungy Monday Challenge ..... a "cool dimensional art technique" from Tim's May 2008 Technique Challenge.  You can find the link to the technique here.  Do click the link for Linda's blog as she and her design team have created some incredible pieces and I am amazed how everyone has interpreted this technique so differently, so do check out the challenge submissions too.

I have just got these wonderful new stamps designed by Sue Jenneys at the Artstic Stamper - DANCE!  So I had to have a play with them.  However, I didn't have any of the foam used in the technique video so found a very thick piece of heavy card and used that instead.  It was a bit fiddly making sure everything was in the right place! 

Thank you Linda for another wonderful challenge.  And thank heavens you gave us two weeks for this challenge.  Hectic is not the word for my life over the last two weeks - "mental" would probably be more appropriate!  A Craft Fair, setting up the Shetland Guild of Spinners & Weavers summer exhibition of vintage knitted lace and ganseys, spinning demonstrations, digging over a new vegetable plot, pricking out 300 seedlings ..... I just long for next week which I hope will be more peaceful and time for some more crafting.