Thursday, 20 February 2020

Time Is A Dressmaker

I am over at PaperArtsy tonight with a fun sewing project for our "On This Tag" theme. 

I do hope you can join me there!

Jennie x

Tutorial: Bookcase using Eileen Hull Dies

Hello and welcome to you all. 

I was playing around with Eileen Hull's Gift Box Die the other day and decided to stand it on its end and found that it made a great little bookcase for two small books made using Eileen's Pocket Notebook Die and a small box made using her Stamp and Photo Storage Die (see the end of the blog post for the details of the dies used).

It does use quite a lot of patterned paper so you will see that I have had to piece bits here and there to get the box and the two books out of this set of Maja Design Papers left over from a workshop.

I have used some of Eileen's flower dies to make the white flower and I'll give a link to that tutorial at the end of the blog post too.

This is the vintage box I made some time ago and found that it fitted in the bookcase beautifully!

So here is how it came together:

I used the Gift Box Die in exactly the same way that Eileen made her Valentines Box. I unfortunately didn't take any photographs of the cutting and glueing together as I was just going to make a box the same as Eileen's but you can click the link below to go to the video to see how she put the box pieces together.

I felt the back of my box needed to be more secure as it was going to stand up so I used washi tape to hold it together. Once you start adding papers it becomes much more sturdy.

The piece that had been cut off from the third die cut I glued to the inside base of the box to make it more secure.

I covered the sides and top with patterned papers folding about 1/2" over the back. I managed to cut one 4 1/4" x 12" piece scoring it at 7 1/2" which covered the top and one side. Then a further piece 4 1/4" x 7 1/2" to cover the other side piece. Hope that makes sense!

It is helpful to cut a little notch from the sides of the papers so they fold and glue a little easier.

Here you can see how it is taking shape and I have started adding patterned paper to the inside. I had to keep trimming this a little, then a little more so I could get a good fit. This piece was two bits which didn't meet in the middle so I had to add a little strip of sentiment.

I like using dark colours inside boxes - it gives them a bit of depth.

I used some fancy scallop cuts to decorate the sides - which also covered the join the paper! and I covered one of the larger scallops with patterned paper and glued it to the inside top of the box.

I made two books using the Pocket Notebook Die. I cut my papers separately as I didn't have any big pieces left! I have used another of the scallop cuts to add a little interest to the front of the book.

I always like to add a little ribbon to the spine of the book.

More pieceing on the back cover so this little sentiment strip came in handy!

This was the second book which I kept quite simple just making a small collage on the front.

If you are still with me well done and I hope this gives you some ideas for using some of Eileen's dies in different ways.

Thank you for joining me and happy crafting!
Jennie x

The Dies I have used are:

Eileen Hull Gift Box with Scallop Edges (Sissix 664345)
Eileen Hull Pocket Notebook (Sissix 663638)
Eileen Hull Stamp and Photo Storage (Sissix 662359)

You can see the flower tutorial by clicking the link HERE:

Monday, 3 February 2020

PaperArtsy Stamp Release : Lynne Perrella

I am absolutely delighted to be part of the Lynne Perrella stamp release over at PaperArtsy tonight.

There are three new sets of stamps which are ALL fabulous! and I have made samples with all three sets.

Here's a sneak peak of my favourite!

I was so thrilled to see all my samples both for this release and the previous one in 2019 on the PaperArtsy stand at Creativation - both the photographs in the banner and the actual samples below.

So I do hope you will hop on over to PaperArtsy to see what I created with these fabulous stamps and some of the new Fresco Finish colours.

Jennie x

Saturday, 1 February 2020

From Box to Book

Hello and welcome to the first day of February!
Heaven only knows where January went, but the weeks seem to be passing by pretty quickly

As it is the first of the month it's time to share a new album for the Mini Album Makers Challenge. I just love making mini albums and know that so many of you do as well. We have no theme at Mini Album Makers, just share any mini album you have created this month.

Do hop on over and see the wonderful mini albums made by the rest of the Design Team HERE - so much wonderful inspiration!

My lovely friend and designer Eileen Hull has just released a number of new dies for Sissix which she showcased at Creativation 2020.

I was lucky to be able to create with some of the dies and whilst I love this wonderful gift box die, I thought it would make a rather nice chunky book! Thinking outside the box ....... !

I used one cut of the die, ie one side of the box, and all the lovely embellishments which Eileen always manages to fit onto the die.

These stunning Stamperia papers from their Wonderland Scapbooking Collection were just perfect and I used every last little piece to create little books, flaps and sleeves.

So here is how it came together:

From the single die cut of the box I cut off the side flaps and reduced the middle section to a piece measuring 2" wide. (X = the pieces I discarded)

I then adhered the three book parts (front cover, spine and back cover) onto the cover paper (5.1/4" x 11.1/2") and stuck down the edges with tape.

Now I am going to be absolutely honest here and say that the measurements I am giving you are hopefully correct ..... the book is now in America with Eileen and I am hoping that the little piece of paper which is stuck on my desk with loads of measurements is correct!

For the spine I cut five hinges measuring 3.5/8" x 1" and scored down the middle.

Then two side flaps measuring 3.5/8" x 2", scored 1/2" on one side.

These were then stuck directly onto the spine of the book and the side flaps stuck to the back and front cover.

There are many tutorials on Pinterest showing this type of hinged spine and my favourite is this one by Gloria Stengel which you can find HERE. She shows a brilliant step by step for the hinges and pages.

Once the hinges are in place it is then easy to insert the individual pages. The pages measure 3.5/8" x 3.5/8" and I have decorated them before sticking them into the book. I find this easier.

This is what it looks like when the first page has been glued in.

Then it is easy enough to decorate the reverse side covering up the spine edge flap in the process.

I just keep working through the book, making pages with little flaps, belly bands and plenty of cream cardstock for notes and/or photographs.

I like this type of hinged spine as the book lies quite flat with the pages flopping over each other.

Once all the pages are inserted cover the front and back inside covers.

I like to use EVERY scrap! and often make little books from the leftovers which can be either inserted under a flap or stuck down with some ribbon.

The box embellishments were first painted with a turquoise acrylic paint and then I used a crackle paint (DecoArt) over the top. This keeps them quite light with a little colour showing through.

I then used them to decorate the inside front and back covers ......

....... and the spine ........

..... and the front cover capturing some ribbon under the plaque and the decorations on the spine.

Well a little photo heavy, but I hope you enjoy the tutorial and have a go at making a book yourself from a box! I really love the feel of such a chunky book and I am sure will be making another!

As always thank you for joining me and I hope you all have a lovely crafting weekend.

Jennie x