Tuesday, 16 November 2010

More Scrapbook Layouts!

These were the final layouts from the Beginner's Scrapbook class.  Everyone seemed to enjoy the course and asked for another!

More Punching!

I have now completed the last week of the "Get Creative with Punches" course.  It has been quite interesting as I don't really own that many punches! 

This was a cross between a scrapbook layout and collage piece.  The muslin adds a lovely layer and "mutes" the background paper.  I just love this photo of myself and nana crawley - and the bit of rhubarb!  I've framed this and have it hanging in Mum's room.

The following week was a scrapbook layout utilising a circle punch. My punch was quite small, so I scaled down the page and then mounted it on a 12 x 12 piece of cardstock.

And finally another card and a couple of ATCs.  I really love the lace edging on the cream card (I had certainly not thought about using my punch both sides!) and it was good to use a pre-made flower. 

Cutting out figures and layering them onto book paper is very effective and I shall certainly be doing this again

This has been such a good course.  I have learnt alot and it has been great getting the sewing machine out.

A Life At Sea

Well this is the fourth and final canvas.  The background was to be melted beeswax but unfortunately my wax crayons and beeswax didn't result in the right colour blue and even after melting it all off and trying again with natural beeswax I didn't feel the colour was right if the four canvases were to be hung as a set.  So I resorted to tissue paper and paint as in the first canvas.

I love this photograph of my mother in law Molly with her brothers and mother and father.  A Life at Sea?  Both Terry's grandfather and his uncle (the little lad in the sailor suit) had a career at sea as First Class Stewards on passenger liners and Terry's Mum volunteered for the Royal Navy at the start of WWII.

I have really enjoyed this course and the four canvases work well together: