Monday, 28 August 2017

Mini Junk Journal : Keeping Life Simple

Hello everyone and welcome on a very wet and windy day here in Shetland! 

Today I am sharing a tiny little junk journal made using Eileen Hull's Needle Book Die but which has a big role to play keeping my life simple (more of that later!).

Having come home from seven weeks away it is not surprising that my motivation and inspiration seems to have been left somewhere else! I decided to have a little play yesterday in between various different commitments. But I am pleased to say the little journal came together very quickly.

I took some ordinary book papers and shabbied them up a bit with Distress Inks and a little texture paste. I really needed some mini embellishments too so had to hunt for these in my stash - but I was surprised what I found whilst looking for them!

I kept the back simple .......

.... and added some shabbied cardstock as a spine. You can just see the elastics holding in the signatures under the ribbon.

And here is the inside. I have used some coffee stained papers, Tim Holtz Tissue Wrap and more blue cardstock. It was great to use up lots of little bits that were lying around in my "blue" box.

I made two signatures  ......

..... did a little stamping here and there ......

..... and made some flaps for a few tags.

And what am I going to use it for ..... well look at this horrendous drawer full of all my knitting needles. There is also another huge tube standing on the desk as well.

I will record in my little journal all my needles ..... one signature for double enders and the second signature for the circular needles (which I favour more these days). It might not make the drawer any tidier, but at least when I am planning a new knitting project I will know that I do actually have the needles. So often I end up buying new ones when I already have some!

As the little book is going to be kept in my knitting basket I did keep the embellishments simple so they don't get caught or pulled off and hopefully the quote will remind me that I can indeed make like simple by knowing what I have!

Thank you for joining me today and I hope this gives you some ideas for the lovely little die from Eileen.

Jennie x


Thursday, 24 August 2017

Under the Sea

Having spent the last seven weeks "on" the sea I am going "under" the sea over at Calico Craft Parts today. 

Do join me there if you would like to see how this little plaque came together.

Jennie x

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Through the Porthole

By the time you read this I shall (hopefully) be looking out of a porthole onto glorious sunshine and calm seas on the west coast of Scotland ...... perhaps!

So just in case I am not here is a porthole I made earlier! for Calico Craft Parts using their wonderful nautical pieces and some DecoArt techniques for rusting.

Please do join me over on Calico Craft Parts to find out more and links to Andy Skinner's rusting videos.

Jennie x