Monday, 22 February 2010

Experimental Textiles with Cas Holmes

I've just come back from a wonderful week of experimental textiles at West Dean College with Cas Holmes. I've loved her work for quite a while, so it was very special to spend a week with her and being shown new techniques and how to layer fabrics and paper. Mono-printing, relief printing, dyeing fabric, machine embroidery, cutting stamps from erasers, using found objects (all the time!), "destroying" paper until it almost turns into a fabric. And then putting it all together.
This is one of my finished pieces - quite oriental - from dyed fabrics, paper and found objects with machine embroidery.
It was a great group and we all gelled so well together. From the left, Avril, Suzanne, Karen, Roney, Sue, Beverley, Me and Lori, with Cas herself (ochre jumper!).
My theme was Shetland colours - sea, sky and sunsets. So my work gradually came together.
I was very pleased with my finished items - although alot of room for improvement!

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