Monday, 3 May 2010

Bind It All : Star Book

And yes another book finished this weekend.  This is the third of the books in the Bind It All online course.  I've made star books before but they were quite small and not ideal for scrapbooking, but at 6" x 6" this makes a very useable book. 

I have used black and white photographs taken in the 1930s of Dad's family - Nana R, Auntie Joan, Dad and Uncle Bernard.  Martin and I found the negatives when we were looking through Mum and Dad's photographs a number of years ago.  Martin managed to scan them and I've been waiting for an opportunity of using them for a long time. 

This was quite an easy book to make ...... but ........ you need to decorate your pages before sticking the book together, which is a bit scary!

What I really like about the book is that the back of the binder is "glued" in between the cover and the last star so it all looks very neat.

Some of the photographs are very clear - particulary this one which was taken outside the house in Catchpool Road, Colchester.

The book quite neatly takes photographs 6" x 4" which is very useful.

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Anonymous said...

Your star book is stunning Jennie! I love the cover, and your wonderful old photos!
Alison xx