Monday, 11 October 2010

Rolled Roses

A number of you have asked how I make the small rolled roses I used in one of my pages on the Artsy Fartsy course.  I made a couple over the weekend and took these photographs (one handed!) explaining the process.  Hope it helps. 

DO have a go at making them as they really are very easy.

Cut a piece of light cardstock or dictionary/book paper approx 8" long (depends on the size of the book) and 1" wide.  Spritz with water.

Twist the paper at the left hand edge, holding the right hand edge still.  Just a gentle roll is all that is needed.

Fold down the right hand corner (a sort of triangle) and start rolling the twisted paper, using the folds to create the edges of the rose.

Keep rolling until you get to the end.  Put a little bit of glue onto the "tab" left at the end and fold onto the bottom of the rose.

Here's a finished one made with book paper.  I find it easier to make them with this type of paper as they are more pliable. 

I have also made them with grungepaper and they look pretty spectacular, but because the grungepaper is thicker the folding tends to spring back out sometimes, so a bit of perserverence is needed!  I found it easier to spray the grungepaper ones with ink after they have been folded.

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...the yorkshire fox... said...

...WOW...what an amazing rose Jennie simple and effective...thankyou for sharing it i will definately be making a few of those today... :)