Monday, 28 March 2011

Cute as a Button

Well ... a long time with no posts, but it has been very hectic with visits to family in Shropshire and Exeter and a lovely family wedding.  Then back for a couple of days and we were both off to Ireland (Corofin traditional music festival, a concertina workshop for Terry and a day spent going back to Terry's family roots).  We stopped off on the way home for a long weekend with our new grandson Callum who is now 10 weeks old. 

I got lots of lovely photographs of Callum for scrapbooking so just had to use this one for a layout at this month's Shetland Scrapbookers meeting.  I've still not got much in the way of baby papers, but a good hunt through some (very old) stash revealed a few bits and pieces. 

He's such a lovely baby, so very contented and smiles readily.  Just the apple of his Nana's eye ....... and cute as a button!


Netty said...

Terrific layout Jennie and your grandson is sooo cute. Love the symbolic never ending wheel of life. Brill idea. Annette x

Shar said...

So pretty! Love your layout!