Sunday, 2 October 2011

A Tangible Piece of Love ..............

........... is how Jessie at my Scrapbook Design Workshop yesterday described scrapbooking.  Isn't that wonderful!  And she went on to say that it was such a positive and happy experience, not just the "doing" but the "finished" also.  Her mini-book made at another workshop had "spread happiness around the world" and she couldn't think of anything that has the same effect.  

And yes we did have a very happy experience yesterday - I hope it was positive for all those who came.   This was lunchtime - everyone still working! 

Here are some of the finished layouts:

Some were beginners, others more experienced, and one had not done scrapbooking before but all the layouts were fantastic and all so very different despite following the same layouts.  Sadly we ran out of time before some were completed, but we did make our own flowers and embellishments.


Netty said...

All the pages look terrific, thank you Jennie for sharing. x

Anonymous said...

Oh Wow! and the happiness just keeps on keeping on. Never thought I would feature in a blog site. Didn't we all do magnificent pages. Thank you Jennie. You are a true inspiration and seem to get the best out of everyone.


Polly Brodie said...

I had an amazing day AND I have managed to finish me first two "Bunny" pages.
Thanks again
Polly x

Becky said...

Well done ladies some lovely layouts