Tuesday, 3 June 2014

A Weekend with Finnabair

Well I hope you are ready for this photo heavy post of my wonderful weekend with Finnabair (Ania Dabrowska) at Harrogate this past weekend.

We started on Saturday morning with her "Over Emotional" Canvas. The canvas was larger than I expected at 20" x 8" and we had to work quickly to complete it in four hours.

It was rather fun trying to bring it home on the train and ferry!

I absolutely adore all the elements on this canvas - the colours, the embellishments, the lace …

I even managed to sneak in three of my own handmade flowers!

This was my first attempt at using a hot glue gun - I am now a convert and this morning discovered that my husband has one which he doesn't use!

I have never used so many embellishments on one piece! (In case you are wondering the photograph is of my Great Aunt Alice - I hope she approves!)

My second workshop was a full day on Sunday and was Ania's Black Beauty Journal. Oh my goodness! how I loved this and it is so different to anything I have ever done.

Again I love all those wonderful metal embellishments, the techniques, black gesso and the Luminarte paints we used are just fabulous - needless to say a few managed to get into my suitcase!

Even the back of the journal got a cluster treatment too!

That was just the morning's work and then in the afternoon we created some journal pages. I was really looking forward to this as I have tried to recreate this style myself (poorly).

The first page was classic Finnabair! Lots of layering, gesso, tea and sprays - I just loved it.

I can't wait to do more of this type of scrapbook journalling.

Our second page was paper layering and gesso, but we used the Luminarte Silks with our fingers to create patches of colours and texture. Two days later I still have rather inky hands despite lots of scrubbing!

By this time we were all flagging a bit and with only half an hour left Ania set us the challenge of creating a page in 20 minutes with one stamp, one colour spray, masking tape, washi tape and a pencil. 

There were quite a few groans but … everyone was actually very pleased with the result!

And despite all being very tired we all went out on a high!

Ania is an amazing tutor and a very lovely person and I was also very impressed with the facilities and amazing shop at Art from the Heart. It was jaw droopingly wonderful and fabulous to see everything in real life - I rather indulged but it would have been rude not to!

It was fabulous meeting up with so many like minded people - some I knew already from blogland and others I met for the first time. I can't wait to do another! 

If you are still with me - well done!

Jennie x

PS This was my very first workshop and visit to a "proper" craft shop!


Rita said...

Wow Jenny. I know exactly how you feel. Both Annie and I did a course with Finnibair last year, in fact Annie did another one later on in the year. Her work is fabulous and she has a lovely personality to match. Your creations are beautiful and the memories will last a lifetime. Hugs Rita xxx

Jackie said...

That looks really exciting. I'm glad you've been to a real workshop! I don't think your art suffered through a lack of it though.

Nikki Acton said...

Wonderful work Jennie and the workshop sounds fabulous! Xxx

ElizabethR said...

Looks like you had a great weekend Jennie, you have made some gorgeous pieces. Elizabeth x

Astrid Maclean said...

Fabulous pieces, all of them Jennie!! Having done two of Finn's workshops, I know how you feel, - you're going to remember this forever!! Thanks for sharing your great makes so quickly! look forward to more journal pages!!!

Carol said...

WOW great makes and it sounds as though you had a lovely- if tiring time too - stunned that you made the last pages in just 20 mins. GORGEOUS X

Redanne said...

Wow Jennie, the canvas is fabulous, it has the look of Finn but also your beautiful style too - it is a masterpiece!

Annie and I made the journal on our day with Finn, it is such fun isn't it? I love yours, the colours are gorgeous. Really pleased that you like AFTH so much, it was my very first class and shop too - Dyan is a fabulous teacher too. Hugs, Anne x

Brenda Brown said...

Oh wow Jennie you really did a good job with Anna's techniques and embellishments. I love your canvas, journal and pages so much and how lovely you took some of your own gorgeous flowers and used too. Glad you enjoyed it and had so much fun xxxx

Helen said...

I love your gorgeous projects, and long to go to one of Finnabair's workshops - lucky you!!

rachel said...

stunning work Jennie - thanks so much for sharing - I would love to do one of these workshops - one day! Hugs rachel x

diane hasthorpe said...

Amazing!! You certainly had a very busy, productive and creative time. Your projects are gorgeous... love the colours that were used. Happy journalling. Cheers, Di

Julie Short said...

I am so glad you enjoyed it all Jennie. As you sift and ponder I am sure bits of what you have learnt will filter into your practice too.
I bet the shop was delighted that you are such a polite customer.

Patricia said...

Oh! My! Word! Jennie, what a fantastic "works of art"
Your projects are wonderful, I am sure you will be producing stunning pieces in the near future with some of the things you have learned. Look forward to seeing them.
Although this is not really my kind of crafting I would love, love, love, to attend one of Finnabair's workshops. Where I am sure I could be persuaded to make it my kind of thing!!!
Have a great day

Patricia xx

butterfly said...

Completely fabulous creations, Jennie - and I agree totally about Finn's amazing teaching style... Absolutely beautiful work - I adore that huge canvas, so delicate in colour - very Finn but very you too!
Alison xx

toni said...

Lovely to see your beautiful canvas , I missed that, only being there on Sunday. Your journal looks gorgeous too Lucky me I've seen it first hand ! It's great to see the difference that colour makes between the two projects. Like you I loved being at AFTH and thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. Ania is truly amazing! I also managed to take full advantage of being let loose in such a wonderful shop. Looking forward to more crafty adventures ! X

Buttons said...

You clearly worked really hard and the stunning results speak for themselves. How well you've picked up Finn's style and run with it. So glad you got to add your own flowers into the first piece too. Love it all. Jenny x

Margaret said...

It sounds like you had an amazing time and your creations are gorgeous!!

Chris Warner said...

Beautiful work Jennie and I can tell from your post how enthusiatically you approached the workshop. I'm so pleased that you loved it all, the results are amazing! Chris xxx

Maddy Herbison said...

What a fabulous blog post. I really enjoyed reading about your workshop, and the pieces you produced are just wonderful. I love that "Black Beauty" journal cover. Wish I could get to afth, maybe one day :-) Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. Maddy x

S@ndy Diller said...

What an exciting adventure for you. Your canvas is wonderful and I am sure your Great Aunt Alice would approve. Love the journal with the black gesso. I too just love Ania's work and I am sure you learned a lot from her. Great job especially with all the time pressure on you.

Aspiring crafter said...

Wow -sounds and looks like you had an amazing time.
All of the projects are great but the first one is just stunning.
It is very you-colour wise and always fabulous flowers.
Thanks for sharing,

Julie Cassidy said...

Lovely to meet you Jennie , the journal looks amazing gorgeous colours. The canvas looks even better in real life. Julie xxx