Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Mixology 101 : Andy Skinner

Having enjoyed my day with Michelle Webb I then spent Sunday in a workshop with Andy Skinner. I have wanted to try his rusting techniques for a long long time, so I was very excited - and of course I was not disappointed!

We made front and back covers for a book, painting them first and then adding the crackle. Whilst that was drying we spent tie rusting all the individual cogs and wheels with paints, texture and crackle. 

Don't you just love that crackle!!!! I love there way you can also add a wash over the top too which meant everyone's books were a different colour.

Had to give you a  close up!

And a close up of some of the rusting.

Another wonderful day! Thank you Andy for such a wonderfully organised workshop. It really was fabulous experience.

So Deco Art products here we come - needless to say I came home with a few!

Jennie x


Artyjen said...

Mmm.....lovely. I enjoyed the online class I did for the ruination book and that covered some rusting effects....they are fab and yours is really fab ;)

rachel said...

awesome work again Jennie - great techniques and results xx

Lisa Winnard said...

Gorgeous version of the book from Andy's workshop Jennie. It was a brilliant weekend wasn't it? I think lots of fun was had by all.
Lisa xxx

Juliz Design Post said...

It was lovely to meet you Jennie and can't wait for some more workshops.
Julie x

butterfly said...

It was so lovely to see this fabulous creation coming into being in real life - it was a great weekend, and I'm so happy we finally managed a proper rendezvous!
Alison xx

A Pink said...

Love your AS project ! Jennie Great to see you ladies having fun creating together x