Monday, 8 September 2014

Creative Bloggers' Hop

You have probably all noticed that there is a new "hop" flying around the blogging world called The Creative Bloggers' Hop. The purpose is to meet other creative souls, learn something about their inspiration, motivation and the techniques they use in their creativity.

My lovely Canadian friend Linda Pekrul of Blue Sky Scrapping, nominated me and my blog this week and I am very pleased to be part of this huge international event (and it doesn't involve a bucket of cold water!).

I have got to know Linda through being part of Swirlydoos, both on the Forum and through the Swirly challenges. Her work is always so bright and colourful and encompasses everything from cards, scrapbook layouts and 3D projects - a very talented and creative person. Linda is also a fabulous challenge host keeping us on time and well entertained in the process!

So now I have been nominated I need to answer four questions about myself and then nominate three other bloggers to carry on the hop.

So to the questions:

What Am I Working On

Well I can't really say at the moment as they are Design Team pieces for A Vintage Journey and Country View Crafts and I hate to give the game away ! but I can show you this small picture which I had a lot of fun making last weekend using some lovely papers from the Graphic45 By the Sea papers and some shells I picked up whilst on holiday.

It is also time for me to start preparing my weekend workshops here in Shetland, the first of which is in October when we will be making a Vintage Box and Book. But I also have to prepare for other workshops in 12 x 12 Scrapbooking, Making a Holiday Journal and an Introduction to Mixed Media Work - so it is all go!!

How Does My Work Differ from Others of its Genre

Quite honestly I don't know whether it does. Living on a small Scottish Island nearer to Norway than the UK means that I don't have access to workshops or shops or to be able to craft with other like minded people. I do take a lot of inspiration from other craft workers through blogging and particularly Pinterest.

My style is very vintage and shabby and I suppose the one thing that does make my work unique is that I love to make my own flowers.  This was borne out of frustration of buying them on the internet and being so disappointed when they arrived, and now I wouldn't dream of not using one of my own on any project.

Why do I create what I do

I can't remember a time when I haven't created something. Even in my very young days I loved being able to make something from a cereal box and I have done needlework, cross stitch, knitting and spinning over the years too. 

However, discovering Scrapbooking ten years ago (in particular mini books) and then Distress Inks, Gesso and Paints really opened the door for me. I could spend all day and every day creating with inks, paints, gesso and old photographs. It is like a drug or a tonic - it gives me such a huge high to be able to be creative. I had always envied those who could create art and now I feel I do as well and it makes me very happy. 

I also love to give my family and friends handmade cards and gifts and also to share my love with others at workshops and classes here in Shetland.

How does my creative process work

Hmmm….. I would like to say that it follows a particular route and that I know from the outset what I am going to make. In reality it is very haphazard, ideas come half way through a project, bits get pulled off and others get put on. Drawers and cupboards are flung open to get at things I know are there somewhere!

But that is what I find so exciting about the whole process - it is so organic and I love that I can change things mid project and not get hung up about it - just going with the creative flow! (that sounds rather poetic!).

So now you know all about me and my haphazard ways it is time to nominate someone who is very special to me. 

I have been inspired by many, but there is one person who, over the last few years, through online workshops and friendship has really opened up the creative journey for me.  Catherine Scanlon of Catherine Scanlon Designs has been running online workshops through My Creative Classroom for some time but now her dream is coming true of her own teaching Art Studio (Merry Meeting Art Studio) in her home town but also her own online courses as well, which I can thoroughly recommend. Catherine is a fabulous teacher putting an amazing amount of time into her classes and workshops and supporting the students as they progress through the pieces. 

Catherine's daily drawing practice is awesome! and she has a wonderful range of stamps which in the UK are available at the Artistic Stamper.

I hope you will visit Catherine's blog and see her wonderful work and perhaps consider taking one of her online workshops - you will love it!

A somewhat different post, but I hope you have found it interesting!

Have a great day!

Jennie x

PS I was supposed to nominate three other bloggers, but time has run out for me I am afraid as I catch the ferry very shortly for a family weekend in Aviemore.  However, I hope I have made up for it by nominating Catherine and telling you all about her!


Rupa Swaminathan said...

Nice to know a little more about you, Jennie. I am a big fan of your flowers and have been making quite a few seeing your tutorials. Have a great holiday.

Marci said...

Your work is gorgeous!

Brenda Brown said...

Congratulations Jennie both in your nomination and on your wonderful post. I loved reading about your creativity and background to crafting. Your work is always beautiful and wonderfully inspirational. Thanks for sharing more about you.
Hugs Brenda xxx

Astrid Maclean said...

Stunning pieces all of them Jennie and wonderful to find out a bit more about your creative process and how you work!

Rita said...

Hi Jennie. What a wonderful insight to hear about your creative world. Beautiful seascape project and the stunning flowers that I love and adore on some of your other pieces. I am writing this as I await your arrival and just love having you as a crafty friend. Hugs Rita xxx

Rita said...

Hi Jennie. What a wonderful insight to hear about your creative world. Beautiful seascape project and the stunning flowers that I love and adore on some of your other pieces. I am writing this as I await your arrival and just love having you as a crafty friend. Hugs Rita xxx

massofhair said...

I adore your flowers Jennie and love seeing your projects. Glad to know a little more about you and how you work. Thank you for sharing your creative process, i always love visiting your Blog :-) xxx

Aspiring crafter said...

Really good to hear about your creative journey Jennie .
I enjoy your blog a lot and it has inspired me to try new things. Your projects are beautiful !
Thanks for sharing,

Ruth said...

Oh what beautiful projects, lovely to know more about you Jennie and do love your style....the crackle on the first piece is just gorgeous! Ruth x

butterfly said...

What a fabulous post - lovely to read some more about your approach and inspiration... and how glorious to have reminders of all those beautiful, beautiful creations.
Alison xx