Whacky Fish!

It was a journal play day yesterday and quite honestly this is not what I intended to do at all! In fact the quote was supposed to be "only dead fish go with the flow" but sometimes my brain seems to be somewhere else these days !!

 So a little whacky but I learnt a lot.

Thank you for bearing with me !!

Jennie x


Brenda Brown said…
Looks fabulous and I love the sentiment you have used, you are really getting into your journalling, more please. xxx
Julia Aston said…
Wonderful stampings and design on this Jennie! I kind of like the dead fish sentiment (!) maybe you can use that one another day?!! Julia xx
rachel said…
such a great page - your journalling looks amazing xx
Astrid Maclean said…
Oh brilliant Jennie, and your quote gone wrong made me laugh out loud!! Love your journalling, keep it coming!!
Love that steampunk balloon contraption, and if your brain preferred to go with "purpose and meaning" rather than dead fish, I think you did well to follow it! Lovely pages - I'm really enjoying your journalling so much.
Alison xx