New Stamp Release : PaperArtsy Vintage Botanical

Hello everyone and I am just a little bit excited to be part of the fabulous new stamp release by Scrapcosy (AKA Raquel Burillo Perez) at PaperArtsy tonight.  I was very lucky to have the opportunity to work with Raquel Burillo Perez as one of her wingman, alongside the amazingly talented Lynne Moncrieff.  

To start off tonight I am sharing Leandra's video with the new stamps and of course our samples!

So now to share with you those wonderful vintage botanical stamps and stencils and how I really enjoyed them for my sample projects.  This is a LONG post as we had three stamp and stencil sets to work with!

A la' Fleur

I really adore these vintage packet seed style stamps and the vintage stencil is just to die for! Despite being very detailed, each image stamps with great clarity. 

I decided to make a set of ATCs with the smaller flowers, however, you will see that with all my samples I have mixed and matched some of the stamps and stencils from the other sets.

My ATCs were painted first with Chalk  Fresco Paint which gave a wonderful base for stamping and painting on.

I created texture by using Grungepaste through the stencils which I then overpainted with Gold Fresco Paint. I found this created a lighter finish rather than adding the gold to the Grungepaste at the beginning.

I painted each flower with Ochre and Green Olive Infusions but mixed the Infusions with Satin Glaze on my craft mat before painting. This gives a lovely lush satiny finish.

A few splatters with Ochre and Green Olive Infusions and a little overstamping with Potting Soil Archival. More Archival ink was blended around the edges to create the vintage feel, along with a swipe of gold pen around the edges.

I am not normally a "painter" but I very much enjoyed painting these images, particularly with the Infusions. 

The Vegetable Patch

Who could not love these wonderful vintage vegetables and the wonderful stencil!  Again the images are very detailed but stamp beautifully. I decided to make a set of card fronts but I think some gift tags would be great too!

I again decided to use Fresco Paint as the base on my cardstock. This time I used Nougat for a creamier look. Apart from being a lovely base to stamp on, I do feel the Infusions are a deeper colour, although being used with lots of water.

The vegetables are a joy to "paint"  with Rust Brown Infusions - such fabulous detail!

I used Grungepaste through the stencil which was coloured with a little Potting Soil Archival ink.  I just love those two small "index" stamps. I just used them on everything!

The Infusions splatter beautifully on the paint finish of the background.

I am desperate to have a go at making vintage seed packets for my gardening mad family!

Tea Infusions

It is difficult to have a favourite as all the stamps sets are fabulous but I was really drawn to this set with its nautical feel of days gone by - imagine clipper ships, tea chests, rare botanicals ........ 

This is such a useful collection of stamps - the smaller stamps are just perfect for adding background stamping along with the vintage Carte image, although this would make a fabulous element in its own right. The flowers are particularly beautiful and can be stamped flat or fussy cut to create layers. This is a collection I will come back to time and time again.

I decided to make another trio of ATCs with a wood panel feel.

Again I painted the ATCs with Chalk Fresco Finish and then added Sleight Blue Infusions and loads of water!

The card was then scored and the scoring highlighted with Potting Soil Archival Ink to create the faux wood panel look.

The Grungepaste was then layered over the top and coloured lightly with Potting Soil Archival Ink. I have used lots of little stamps here and there and in particular the text from the bottom of the Radish stamp from the Vegetable Collection!

I just adore this flower! It was quite easy to fussy cut after being painted with more Sleight Blue Infusions.

A little Gold Fresco Paint over the Grungepaste provided some highlights and this little "badge" from the Vegetable set provided a final layer and a co-ordinating look.

I loved this little set of ATCs so much I really didn't want to send them to Leandra! 

A long post but I do hope you have been inspired to want to use these wonderful stamps and stencils. I really do know that I will be using them over and over!

All I can say is a huge thank you to Leandra and Raquel for inviting me to be part of this wonderful vintage stamp release. It has been so much fun.

Have a great evening and thank you for joining me.

Jennie x


Ruth said…
Stunningly beautiful samples Jennie, just adore this new release, you and Lynne have done Raquel proud. Quick question - did you dissolve the infusions first and then splatter, you've produced such a subtle effect? Ruth x
Nikki Acton said…
Fabulous Jennie - just adore the blue ATCs. They look wonderful here - but even better in real life! xxxx
Scrapcosy said…
I love these Jennie! Thanks so much again for your help!!
Scrapcosy said…
I love these Jennie! Thanks so much for your help again!!
butterfly said…
Absolutely adore these stamps and stencils and you've really done Raquel proud with your gorgeous samples, Jennie... lovely, lovely work.
Alison x
Rita said…
So pleased for you Jennie. Love Paper Artsy and I'm sure you'll be a great asset to the team. Congratulations. Hugs Rita xxx
butterfly said…
Meant also to say I hope Doris doesn't hit you too hard xx
Unknown said…
Fabulous samples. This has been my favourite PA release to date. I am definitely feeling inspired by all your lovely work. I've ordered one set but know I will need the rest. JoanneX
Sarah Anderson said…
I just LoVe these samples Jennie, especially those last ones. Can see why you didn't want to part with them!!
Congratulations Jennie. The stamps are wonderful and you brought life to them with your makes ! I loved your floral atcs and backgrounds are so vintage .Very inspiring. Thanks for the detailed explanation. Hugs.
Inkypinkycraft said…
gorgeous samples for these lovely vintage feel stamps xx
Astrid Maclean said…
STUNNING samples Jennie and what a fabulous collection!! I can totally see why it was hard to part with you samples!! I love your backgrounds as much as your finishing touches!! Brilliant!
Scrapmate said…
You have really done justice to these beautiful images. The ATCs are stunning.
A Pink said…
Congrats Jennie . How super exciting for youto be a part of this NR. Fabulous samples showcasing such a great collection of stamps and stencils . Just love the neutral tones you have worked with - they allow the detailed stamps to shine .