A message to those of you who follow by email

 Hello everyone! 

This post is a special message to those of you who have signed up to receive email notifications whenever there is a new post here on the blog. You may be aware that Google is discontinuing Feedburner - this is the function which has been sending out email notifications to those of you who have signed up.

This short post is to let you know that you will continue to receive the same notifications, but they will now come through a company called follow.it. This is a Feedburner Alternative and the company have been very helpful in getting me sorted with it all. 

I don't think you have to do anything as I understand it works just the same. However, there are additional functions and you do get the chance to change how you receive your notifications.  You can find out more information by clicking the link here: follow.it, which is probably easier than me trying to explain it.

If you would like to start receiving notifications by email you will find a "subscribe" widget if you scroll down the right hand side of the blog - it is quite large, you shouldn't miss it !

So here's hoping it all works ok as I was surprised to see how many of you do follow by email and I really appreciate that!

Best wishes

Jennie x