Wednesday, 15 December 2010

ATC Book

Catherine Scanlon-Matthews is running an ATC course over on the Creative Classroom and I couldn't not sign up!  So over the next four weeks we are making a number of ATCs using different techniques and doing a swap, which will be great.

However, the first lesson was to make a book to keep the ATCs in.  So this is mine:

Not a very good photograph as I had to take it under the halogen standard lamp in the study as it was so dark today (very cloudy and of course only a few days off the shortest day). 

I used Crafty Individuals A4 ATC sheets cut into strips of three pockets.  I then covered the ends with card and repunched them in the BIA.  I made the book as Catherine had made hers by covering card with muslin and then attaching paper before sewing it all together.  It really makes for a lovely book.  I made a heavy card pocket on the back page and then when I bound my ATC sheets together in the BIA I placed a heavy piece of PVA on the back and this sits in the pocket.   The ATC on the front cover is in a plastic cover.  Hopefully I'll make a more appropriate ATC during the course. 

The sewing leaves a bit to be desired!  I used Terry's sewing machine (yes ... he has one too! - for sail bags etc.) as the board was quite thick but his machine doesn't have the adjustments to the stitch as mine has.  Also not thinking ahead, the book is actually too long to fit in the machine, so it had to be sown in parts.  And the spine had to be hand sewn.  But all very effective!

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Anonymous said...

What a fab little book! xx