Swirly Hues Challenge : November Palette

Margaret, my mother - a happy heart makes it own song .............

Another month and another entry for the Swirly Hues Challenge.  As usual I followed the given sketch (although I turned it on its side) and stuck to the colour pallette and used a number of tutorials, not just the one required.

What a great set of colours for this month's challenge.  They reminded me so much of my mother.  I have wanted to scrap this photograph for a long time, but I knew it had to be something special.  The photograph was taken in 1939 when she was eight years old and is the only photograph I have of her as a child.  The original photograph is beautifully faded but sadly I couldn't get the same colours when I scanned it.  Mum always loved soft pink and soft greens and of course pearls - so I think she would have liked this layout.

I used a number of tutorials from the Swirlydoos site:  
:  clustering and layering - I have five layers of sticky pads!
:  stamping with gesso - my flourishes were covered in gesso (they are just cut from cardboard on the Cricut) and then I stamped into them.
:  Hibiscus flowers - all the flowers are made from cream cardstock

The Swirlydoos site is fantastic for tutorials and the most wonderful ideas for layering.  I have used a number of new features noted whilst I was travelling around the galleries:  the ribbon and eyelets, the lace poking out from under a tear, little butterflies appearing to hover.  Do have a look at the site as it is amazing!  I find something jaw dropping every time I visit!


Netty said…
Beautiful and personal LO. x