Top Girls

What a busy couple of weeks!!!  First the Shetland Arts and Crafts Fair (which was very successful) and now our production of Caryl Churchill's play Top Girls.  This is a huge challenge for us - all women cast being directed by a male!  A very wordy play and some very strong parts and characters.  I play Pope Joan (who gets very very drunk and keeps reciting Latin) and Joyce, the bitchy sister who in the last Act has a massive arguement with her sister Marlene - THE most exhausting part of the play for me.  

Everyone in the play seems to have a reference to a particular dress or clothing, so I decided to make a tag for everyone for the first night depicting this.  It was alot of fun and everyone seemed to appreciate their individual tag.  It was our first night last night and we had a great audience.  Two more nights to go.  I will certainly need a rest by Sunday!


Alison said…
Sounds like a great first night Jennie! I bet the cast loved your fabulous tags, all so unique! x
Netty said…
Hmmm, type
Fabulous tags Jennie and great keepsakes., enjoy the weekend, Annette x
Maggie said…
Totally gorgeous tags no wonder the girls were please! Play sounds like fun enjoy your rest on Sunday

Anonymous said…
Those are really beautiful, such detail in all of them
hugs June x
Anonymous said…
Hi Jennie,
Went along to the show with Andy on Sat .... needless to say you were a real star! loved it! I've tried contacting you via email a couple of times but not sure if you've got them. This is a really nice site and very inspiring.
Best Wishes Hannah x