Rolled Rose Tutorial

A couple of followers have asked for a tutorial for the little rolled roses I make for my projects.

So here goes!

Punch or cut cardstock or paperstock circles
 - I find this size works really well.

With the front of the circle uppermost
ie the side you want to see when rolled
cut a spiral starting on the
right hand side.

I have drawn the spiral here so you can see it
a bit clearer.

There will be a little bit you need to cut off
in order to level up the cut spiral.

Alot of people start rolling at this stage, but
I use a paper distresser to go around the edge.

This creates a lovely white edge on
paper stock and is very effective on
cardstock as well.

Then start rolling from the cut edge at the right
hand side. I use a quilling tool as I
find this easier with my arthritic

This is what it looks like
when rolled.

When you turn the rose over you will see there
is a little flap which you can lift.

Put a little bit of glue on this bit and
stick it down (although I have to
admit I don't always do this!)

And now the final step - I like to squash it
a bit with my thumb.

The roses are quite hardy and will
take quite a bit of pressure.

The finished flower - you can see how
squashing it has given a little
more roll to the edges.


I love these rolled flowers as I can always use matching paper or card on a scrapbook page or card. 

Little pearls sit quite nicely in the centre too.

I find them very useful in cream on vintage scrapbook pages.

In fact they are just great for filling in lots of spaces, even the inside of other flowers.

I hope you find the tutorial useful x


Inkypinkycraft said…
Jennie what a wonderful tutorial! I have had flower envy over these rolled flowers and never managed them...I will look forward to having a play real soon! Your flowers are always so gorgeous x hugs x
Brenda Brown said…
A great tutorial Jennie. Thanks for sharing. These are beautiful little flowers and so useful for filling spaces and used on their own.
hugs {Brenda} x0x
Jane said…
Thanks so much Jennie, they are amazing....and not a die in sight either. Great tut and your flowers are such a beautiful addition to your work x
Astrid Maclean said…
A great tutorial Jennie and you make it sound so easy!! The end result looks fantastic too and the way you use them in your work is fabulous. It was only now I picked up you sometimes use them in the centre of another flower, very clever! That G45 LO was one of my all time favourites of yours, I remember it well!
Anonymous said…
Fabulous tutorial Jennie! I agree with Astrid you make it sound so easy! Sue C x
Redanne said…
Your flowers are always beautiful and I love your rolled roses, especially with the shabby edges - they are wonderful. The Monarch butterfly in the top corner is just gorgeous!! I love the layout you show too, it is beautiful. Hugs, Anne x
Luvcreatincards said…
Hi Jennie,
THANK YOU soooo much for doing this lovely step by step tutorial, I really appreciate you having taken time out to do it.Your clear and east to understand instructions and clear photos make it a brilliant tutorial. I just hope it will be as easy as it sounds when it comes to my turn to make them. Your roses are adorable and I love how they can alter their look by changing their colours or adding as centres for larger flowers. I'm really looking forward to having a go at these - now I just have to find some time. LOL
Warmest best wishes and thank you again.
Joan said…
I have tried to make rolled flowers with no success , going to have another try now I've seen you tutorial , thanks so much.
Joan said…
Forgot to say how much I love your projects! The scrapbook layout with the music paper is just beautiful
Thanks Jennie-I have been making these too BUT not distressing the edges-it looks so nice - thank you!
Also the examples are very inspirational,
butterfly said…
A really great tutorial, Jennie - you make it seem so straightforward... I may even be tempted to have a fiddle myself! Gorgeous sample pieces - I'd forgotten about that exquisite shadow box - so lovely to see it again.
Alison xx
Caty said…
Thank you very much Jennie for this wonderful tutorial!! Yours flowers are fabulous, and your layouts too. I ´ ll try to do some of these rolled flowers. Big hugs from Spain. Caty.
Ida Rogers said…
Hi Jennie,
This is a lovely rose. It doesn't quite look like the light purple one that is on the Pinterest post though; when you open the post it comes to the tutorial above that looks like a different rose than the light purple one. Is the light purple rose one that you also made and if it is would you be willing to share how that one is made? It looks like it also has a white chalky substance on it and it's really gorgeous! I would love to see how that one is made. Thanks Jennie.
Ida Rogers