Rusting Paper Clay …… DecoArt Style

As promised yesterday I am sharing how I rusted my paper clay leaf in yesterday's hanging for A Vintage Journey.

I recently attended a workshop with Andy Skinner and learnt how to rust using DecoArt products. I found this video (one of many of Andy's) very useful in showing how the antiquing creams can be used on different surfaces.

Many of you know that I do love working with paper clay and I have quite a number of moulds for flowers, leaves, cogs, etc. So I decided to use the creams on the paper clay and see what happened - and I was delighted with the results!

We were working with a purple/lilac theme at A Vintage Journey for this month's challenge and so I had to mix two colours of DecoArt paints (red and blue) to create purple. This was painted directly onto the paper clay leaf.

When dry I painted on White Antiquing Cream and let it dry.

In the video Andy explains that the antiquing cream doesn't set until it is covered with a glue medium so you can rub it off in areas to get a more haphazard look. 

And then the magic ! I painted on Quinacridone Red here and there and hey presto! gorgeous rusting !

Finally you can give everything a buff with a soft cloth. Now who would think this was paper clay!

You can see that the leaf in my product is slightly different in that I managed to buff away more areas of the product but this just added to the rusty feel.

I really was thrilled with the way these leaves came out and also experimented with the Patina Antiquing CreaM - just FaBULOUS!

Watch my posts over the next few weeks as I am sure you will be seeing more!

And many thanks to Andy Skinner for getting me started! Click the link HERE for Andy's blog and a link to his YouTube videos.

Jennie x


So clever, looks just like rust x
Loved the effect jennie and thanks for sharing the process. Going to give this a try.
Redanne said…
Beautiful rusting, thanks for sharing the how to as well! Hugs, Anne xx
butterfly said…
Great to see how it was done... especially love the Patina versions - wow! I completely agree that Quin Gold is magical!!
Alison x
Deb Riddell said…
Gorgeous Jennie, thank you for the tutorial, I never would have guessed they were paper clay! Deb xo
Julia Aston said…
Wow - what a gret technique - these all look wonderful! Julia xx
Great tutorial Jennie. I nearly missed this one, so glad I didn't. Thanks for sharing.
Hugs Julie x