Tuesday, 23 February 2021

Collections Folio for Eileen Hull Designs (Tutorial)

Hello Everyone and welcome to this fourth week of the month when Eileen Hull's Educator Team share their inspiration. We are focusing on Eileen's Chapter 1 release through the month and again into next month as we are all very much enjoying these fabulous new dies. Check out Eileen's blog for more ideas from my team mates! HERE

This was my Folio make for the Blog Hop release at the beginning of the month and today I shall share how I made the inside booklets. Be warned this is a photo heavy post! but I hope it explains how it all came together.

The tutorial step by step works alongside this walk through video and watching the two should explain the individual pages.  I have used Stamperia House of Roses 12 x 12 cardstock pack and basic paper creasing and folding to achieve the individual fold out pages and envelopes.

Thank your for joining me today and I hope you enjoy the tutorial. Do ask any questions either here or by email.

Happy Crafting!
Jennie x


I cut my chosen papers for the cover, initially by cutting two 12 x 12 sheets and cut the individual cover and spine pieces to fit the cardstock. At this stage I didn't have the die only the die cuts from Eileen, but you could achieve the same by running the paper through the die.

I like being able to control how I use the papers rather than glueing them to the cardstock and running them through the die.

I made sure I had some smaller pieces for the small spine pieces that create the box.

I made the right hand side of the folio into a box to hold a couple of small notebooks.

I used Eileen's Passport Die to make the notepbooks.

For the left hand side of the Folio I needed to create a spin for my four pages.

I used some fairly strong cardstock to cut three pieces which were then scored and glued to each other.

This was then glued to the left hand spine creating four individual spine pieces. Do keep your cutting and measuring quite right as it is a snug fit!

I was then able to cut a couple of pieces to cover the inside of the covers (you can see that at this stage I have not joined the two parts of the Folio together ..... it was easier to work this way!

These pages were then decorated with the tags from the Stamperia papers. They are slightly too big for the Folio but you can cut them in half and make a little pocket. I do this a lot with the Stamperia tags .... they are just so gorgeous!

My first "page" is an envelope. It is a simple construction. Cut a piece of good quality cardstock 9 1/2" x 5" and score at 3 3/4" and 7 3/4". This will give you a pocket which you can glue down at the sides and a flap top. Before decorating I have put magnets at the ends of the flap so it is a neat fit when closed. I love any opportunity to create little spaces for labels,  I cut any strips of patterned cardstock to make these bands.

The envelope can then be glued to the first spine.......

...... do this before decorating the back and that way you neaten up the edges of the spine.

My second page is a simple flip page. I have made a second for my fourth page as well which is slightly different. So when cutting the first piece of cardstock, cut two. The cardstock should be cut to 10" x 4" and scored 2 1/2" each end to make the flaps.

I have decorated the inside with another pocket and captured ribbon underneath before glueing to the second spine......

..... another pocket on the back!

The third page is another fold out but this time side to side.

I have used the full length of an A4 sheet of cardstock (11 5/8") by 5". I scored at 3 3/4" and 7 3/4" (see the video for how it is folded).

This is quite a bulky page but you have the middle of the spine to take up the bulk. I just added a single sheet of paper to the back rather than making a pocket ...... I just LoVE those papers!

The fourth page is made in exactly the same way as the second, but this time I made a small tag closure.

Before decorating I added magnets so it closes snugly.

Again once this page was glued to the last spine, I covered the reverse and made another space for tags.

I was then able to join the two sides of the Folio together. You can see how snuggly the pages fit into the left hand space.

A couple of tips! Think about your papers before you start. I loved the large clock so even before I knew how I was going to decorate the individual pages I cut it up into pieces measuring 4" x 5" across the sheet.  This meant I could line up the clock as I worked through the pages.

If you are going to make a box out of the Folio sides think about your closure! 

I didn't and in order to use the button brad had quite a time trying to poke out a hole in the back and then use tweezers to get the elastic through! I then had to "patch" the hole!

I used a large button brad for the front and added an eyelet to give some space for the elastic!
Again all an afterthought, I should have given it much more thought at the beginning of the process!

I hope this gives you some ideas and that you enjoy your Folio Die as much as I am enjoying mine!

Dies used:

Sizzix Scoreboards XL Die : Folio #664884
Sizzix Scoreboards XL Die : Passport Book #660331


Mrs A. said...

This is beautiful. I love those papers you have used. Hugs Mrs A.

Lisa Hoel said...

absolutely gorgeous of course! =)

buzzn2scrap said...

Absolutely Gorgeous !!! Love the papers & love the way you used them. A real treasure !!!

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

Eileen Hull + Stamperia = match made in heaven! Thank you so much for the step-by step tutorial. So far I haven't had the courage to cut into those beautiful papers but you've shown me how to turn something that's already beautiful into something that's even more breathtaking! I'm still reluctant though - I think I'll have to get another paper pad of each set and keep one just for stroking LOL!