Bound Pocket Frame Journal for Eileen Hull Designs

 Hello and welcome!

This is a little extra post this month as I am sharing a technique I have been working on over the last few months.

I have tried my hand before at basic book binding but haven't been so successful. However I recently discovered dreiviertelart and have really enjoyed her videos both on her YouTube channel and Instagram. 

So having learnt a bit more I have taken Eileen's Chapter 1 Pocket Frame Journal die and made this bound book with fabric spines .......

...... but kept to the junk journal style inside that I love.

I have gone through all my leftover Stamperia pink sets and pulled together as much as I could to make the signature inserts and these are augmented with some good quality paper for writing as well.

I have shared how I made the journal in this video. It is a step by step tutorial and so is much longer than my usual videos but a chance for me to explain how I worked the process through from the start to the finished bound journal.

You will see on the video that I also made this half size notebook from the Frame Pocket Journal die. The same techniques but just one cover cut in half. The book is filled with plain paper and is a very handy size for my hand bag!

There were some pieces of paper left over from cutting the signatures for the main book, so again I used the same principles and techniques and made this tiny little book measuring 2" x 2¼". It is very cute!

And a final journal to share with you. This was my first attempt and I have covered the journal with cotton fabric. 

I wouldn't say it was the best journal of the set but I learnt a lot in making it.

I love how the journals feel in terms of their solidness and the signatures open flat for writing and more decorating. I hope the video explains the process and inspires you to have a go.

Also do check out dreiviertelart on YouTube and Instagram, she is an amazing book binder!

As always thank you for joining me and happy crafting!

Jennie x

Dies used:
Eileen Hull/Sizzix ScoreBoards Plus Die : Frame Pocket Journal #666152


Eli R. said…
Que trabajo tan más hermoso.
Unknown said…
Buongiorno, che tipo di carta bianca ha usato per il dorso del quaderno? Grazie