Paper Rose Tutorial

Just recently I've used alot of these roses in my projects and a number of you have asked how they are made so here is a (very heavy!!) photo tutorial:

Cut three flower shapes which have six petals - I've used the Tim Holtz Tattered Florals Die, but any six sided flower die/punch will do.  

I use Stampin Up Very Vanilla cardstock for most of my flowers as I love the shiny feel of it, but any cardstock or good quality paper stock will do.

Ink the edges with a water based ink.  
My favourite is Vintage Photo Distress Ink.

Spray each flower with water and using the end of a thinnish paint brush mould them around the brush getting as many creases as you can.  

Then leave them to dry naturally - if you try to dry them with a heat gun you tend to lose the creases and sometimes the flower falls apart.

When dry ease out the petals with a bone folder.

This is the cutting sequence:

cut a slit in one flower
cut one petal from another flower
cut two petals form the third flower

Then you need to glue the three main flowers together.  Don't worry if the edges don't match - it all adds to the uniqueness and looks like another layer!

This is the fiddly bit!  Take the single petal and roll it around on itself.

Then lay it inside the double petal and roll that up too using a bit of glue as you go.  You will find the outside petals can be moulded to give a bit of shaping.

The finished bud (and I look as though I need a bit of nail/skin care!)

The edges of the petals need to be given some definition, so curl them around the paintbrush or if you want a tighter curl an old knitting needle is quite good too (no fancy tools needed!).

Then it is down to assembly:
Using the blunt end of the paintbrush flatten the middle of the main flower a bit.

Now this is really important - you need to cut quite a bit off the bottom of the next two petals.  
Be brave!

Flatten the second flower onto the first again with the blunt end of the paintbrush.

And the next layer.

Now it is really important to cut quite a chunk of the little bud.  I notice when I do my workshops this is where a lot of roses lose their look as not enough is cut off.  

You need a good pair of scissors and sometimes a bit of fast fielding to catch the bits!  But again be brave - after all it is only a bit of paper!

Then you can glue the bud into the flower.  This I think is the magical bit as it really transforms the flower.

I hope you find this tutorial useful.  There are a lot of tutorials and videos online with instructions on how to make this type of rose initially made famous by Tim Holtz and his Grungepaper Roses, but I think mine look a bit different as I scrunch the paper up first which gives it a lovely shabby look. 

I also find that making them from paper makes it easier to mould the shape and even though they are paper they are quite strong.  Spritzing the cardstock with water makes the paper "pulpy" and they don't feel "paperish" at all. I use them quite regularly on books and scrapbook pages and on this canvas too.

Have fun!


Artyjen said…
Mmmmm delicious flowers ;) They look wonderful! Thanks for sharing the how to. I agree that using the paper makes them look much more natural :)
xoxo Sioux
Astrid Maclean said…
What a fab tutorial Jennie!! That crunching up and letting dry naturally is brilliant, it makes them look so much more natural! I also love that you are not using any fancy molding tools or anything. Great photos and very clear description, - thanks so much for taking the time to do this!!
Sue said…
Lovely flowers Jennie. Thanks for sharing your tutorial. It's always nice to know how other crafters create such beautiful embellishment.
Paper Profusion said…
Thank-you Jennie. Your flowers are always divine - lots of little details here that I will try out for sure. Nicola x
Brenda Brown said…
Gorgeous Jennie, great tutorial, thanks.
hugs {brenda} x0x
Inkypinkycraft said…
Thisis a fab tutorial and your flowers are absolutely stunning!! I am going to have a go ...will let younknow how I get on! Xx hugs trace x
Alison said…
Your flowers always look stunning Jennie, thanks for sharing how you make them, great tutorial!
Alison xxx
Carol Q said…
beautiful flowers - wonderful texture - they look so creamy. thanks for the tutorial.
Wonderful flowers, thank you for the tutorial! You have a fabulous blog and you create lovely craft. Suzanne
Ephemera said…
Hi Jennie, what a great tutorial, they are so realistic and love the soft antique vintage feel to them. I've only ever used this method with grunge paper and they are a nightmare to glue, so will have to try this. xx
Unknown said…
This is a fabulous tutorial Jennie, thank you! Chris xxx
Aquarius said…
I've come this way courtesy of Buttons and this variation of the TH rose is wonderful and as you say a bit different. I'm going to check out your other tutorials as well - love flowers (real and paper)!!
Becky said…
Thanks Jennie I will try to do this way. x
Neet said…
Thank you so much for this tutorial. I will be trying it out next week as I am off on a trip tomorrow and things to do before I go.
Neet xx
ursula said…
This is one of the best tutorials I have found, thank you so much for sharing....Ursula
Gloria Stengel said…
Great tutorial. Esp. the bit about NOT using the heat tool to dry the flowers! I hate to wait, so that is my issue.....I keep trying to speed dry them! Thanks....and lovely project!
MountainAngel said…
This is a great tutorial but I have to admit, I'm confused a bit. Are there really 6 single flowers total? Help! ;0)
Jennie Atkinson said…
Hi Mountain Angel! Not sure what is confusing you - you only need three individual flower die cuts but they must have six petals or leaves, otherwise you are unable to cut the required pieces. Hope this helps!
Julie Lee said…
This is such a great tutorial. I have come over from Trace's post to check it out and I am eager to give it a go and I will certainly credit you when I do! Thank you so much for sharing this technique. Julie Ann xx
Candy said…
I was directed here from another blog.
I have to say many thanks for this great and so understandable tutorial. I am not scared to try to make these roses now!!
Hugs, Candy
Ginger said…
I love your paper roses so much, thank you for sharing your tutorial! Finished they look so much harder to make then they really are. I think I can do it now!
Unknown said…
These are beautiful! I'm always amazed at all the great crafters out there. Oh what we can accomplish with the two hands God gave us. I've been watching tutorials on you tube ( I'm addicted). They are all beautiful but the fact that you made something so real looking with cardstock and three 6 pedal flower pattern! Thank you so much your very talented.
Caty said…
Thank you very much for your great tutorial!!! Love your flowers!! they are all gorgeous!. big hugs from Spain.
Unknown said…
lovely flowers thank you ,x
Unknown said…
I love it!Wonderful,thanks for sharering!
Anonymous said…
What a wonderful tutorial. Thankyou so much for sharing it. So well explained and photographed. I will definitely give this a go. ๐Ÿ˜Š
Anonymous said…
After I make my roses I spray them with hairspray to set them and it gives them a nice smell.
Anonymous said…
Hi, I've been trying to make your flowers but I'm a little bit confused. Why do you cut the slit in the first flower? My flowers look similar to yours but not exactly like yours but I don't understand why that it is cut? Thank you
suebow said…

excellent tutorial and so easy to follow
Thank you
Unknown said…
Thanks for sharing how to make beautiful flowers of Your handy craft, love it.

Beautiful flowers! Would you have a suggestion for attaching these to wire stems to make a long stemmed rose?
Thanks for sharing this!
Jrodgers50 said…
Beautiful. Excellent instructions.
Sarah said…
I am new to the flower making world. But have become quickly obsessed... This is the best tutorial i have seen. And these flowers are devine! Thank you for teaching! I wish i could take a class with you!
Raquel Burillo said…
Great tutorial, Jennie! I'm looking forward to try it! It's very well explained and the results look amazing! Thanks for sharing it! You're so talented! xxx
solrosen99 said…
Wonderful flowers,great tutorial and thank u for sharing✨๐Ÿงก✨