Cabbage Rose Tutorial

As promised yesterday I am back to share a tutorial for the blowsy cabbage rose flowers I used to decorate my French wallet and tag yesterday.

You need to use a reasonable quality paper stock as it is going to have a lot of water sprayed on it. I used papers from the Tim Holtz Shabby Chic Paper Stack.  

Using the Tattered Florals Die, cut four each of the largest flower and four of the second smallest flower (the two flowers on the left hand side).

Gather them together with a brad and layer them so the petals are not lying on top of each other but staggered.  I also used different sides of the paper to add extra interest.

Spray the whole stack with water and then scrunch up the very first flower.  Spray again and scrunch up the next flower.  

Keep repeating this until all the layers have been spritzed and scrunched.

Now this is where I would normally leave it to dry, but instead while it is still very wet, start peeling back one of the flower layers and mould each petal around a knitting needle or a thin paintbrush.  You need to work quite carefully as the paper is very sodden, and don't try to ease out the petals, just mould in all the creases and scrunches.

Continue to mould the four large layers and then leave the inner layers to dry scrunched up. I left my flower to dry overnight but you could blitz it with a heat gun to speed it up a little.

For the smaller flower I did just the same thing, but used four cut layers of the second smallest flower and four cut layers of the smallest flower on the Tattered Florals Die.

I also made this flower using the spiked flowers from the die, but the leaves were a little thin to take so much water and kept falling off! However, it does give a slightly different look.

I do hope you have a go at making some of these flowers and do let me know how you get on.

Thank you for visiting today.

Jennie x


Astrid Maclean said…
Thanks for this Jennie, very clever, great result and it does not sound too difficult! I have a ton of that paper stashed away somewhere... once I find it I will definitely give this a try. I will also give it a try if I can't find it, because I am sure they will look great with different papers too, but I particularly like them with this paper, think they would look cool with the brown tone ones too...
Jenny Marples said…
Another fabulous tutorial from the queen of flowers! Must give this a go Jennie. Jenny x
rachel said…
Hi Jennie - thanks for this - I saw Julia Watts doing something similar on the tellybox yesterday - but using the tattered florals die is great - I will definitely be having a go at this - it looks so very pretty - big hugs! Rachel xx
Rita said…
Great tutorial Jenny. I love making flowers and yours are always so beautifully created. Enjoy your weekend. Hugs Rita xxx
Miriam said…
Fabulous tutorial Jennie... I will definitely be having a go a this...lovely results.
ElizabethR said…
I do love your flowers. Elizabeth xxx
Thanks Jennie. I do always love your flower tutorials and have been having a go at some of your others. These blowsy roses will certainly also be tried. Have a great weekend. Cheers, Di
Great tutorial and your flowers turned out beautiful . I have all the stuff so going to give them a try . I love making my own flowers .
Anneke said…
Wonderful flower. Love the effect it gives to the project. Going to try this too. Thank you Anneke.
Redanne said…
Hi Jennie, Jenny already said it but to me you really are the Queen of Flowers! Your flowers are always stunning, love this tattered one particularly and thanks so much for such a great tutorial too! Anne xx
Thanks so much Jennie for this tutorial -going to give this a go -will enjoy experimenting with different papers,
Love your flowers and the colours and papers you use,
Nancy Dynes said…
I adore your gorgeous flowers, Jennie!! Thank you so much for the great tutorial. I can't wait to give them a try!
Sue said…
I love these. Thanks for sharing the tutorial with us Jennie. I'll definitely have a go, these are just what I need for so many of my projects.
Maryanne said…
Thanks for this tutorial, Jennie! I love your flowers and I'll be trying this one out for sure!
Unknown said…
A fab tutorial Jennie with a stunning result! Chris xxx
Brenda Brown said…
Oh what an inspiring tutorial Jennie, just love these flowers and I want to make some now lol xx
Alison said…
Hi Jennie!
Thanks for the message on my blog...always exciting to win something!
So glad I popped over, your flowers are fabulous, great step-by-step!
Alison xxx
Patricia said…
Hello Jennie,
Fantastic Tutorial, definitely going to have a go at making this style of Rose.
I love making flowers which feature on the majority of my cards.
Thank you for sharing

Patricia x
butterfly said…
Fantastic tutorial - great to see how that outstandingly beautiful flower came into being... and you make even me think I might be able to give it a go!
Alison xx
What a gorgeous cabbage rose! You are one crafty lady. I can't wait check out all your tutorials. TFS!
Marci said…
Thank you, these are gorgeous!
Thanks for this Jennie...beautiful flowers and yes, I have that die and will definitely try it!
Evelyn Walter said…
Thank you for this flower-tutorial! All your flowers are absolutely adorable, but this one is soooo wonderful!!! I´ll try this tonight, I think!
julie said…
Amazing flowers , great tutorial thank you very much xxx
Patricia said…
Good evening Jennie,
Just had a go at making one of these roses.
Turned out really good, not quite as good as yours but I did have a go. Definitely will be making more tomorrow.
Have a great weekend

Patricia x
Marti McClure said…
What an awesome tutorial! Thank you so much for sharing! Xoxo, Marti
Maelchen said…
What a marvellous tutorial,dear Jennie! I just came over from Alison (Words and Pictures) as I was stunned by the beautiful flowers she made according to your tutorials. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and not keeping it a secret!
Greets, Manu
Anonymous said…
I'm speechless and blown away at a time. Your flowers are amazing! Thanks a lot for this wonderful tutorial; never thought it could be that easy. love it!
hugs Irmgard
Lydia Howlett said…
Hi Beautiful Flowers can these be done with crepe paper? X
Jennie Atkinson said…
Hi Lydia
No crepe paper would not be stiff enough to hold the shape - it is the combination of good quality card and water which creates the folds and shape.
Best wishes
kikipappy said…
Thank you so much for sharing the tutorial & your technique to make such a gorgeous cabbage rose! I have the die & the cardstock needed to make this flower & can't wait to get started! Again, so grateful for your share!
Warm regards,