Tattered Pine Cone Flowers

A quick post to share how I make my Tattered Pine Cone Flowers and in particular the ones I used on my April Tag.

I used the Wrinkle Free Distress Technique and a bit of spritz and flick on some cream card stock using Stormy Sky and Vintage Photos Distress Inks. 

Then I die cut my flower so I ended up with this sort of graded colour scheme - although it is a bit hit and miss! Make sure your card stock is completely dry.

I spritzed the flower lightly with some water and scrunched up each leaf in a concertina fashion. You can do a full "scrunch" but there are a couple of weak spots where the leaves can tear. Either leave it to dry or blitz it with a heat gun.

Once dry tease the individual leaves out a bit with a bone folder.

Then "wind" the flower - I find the quilling tool just as well on these as any of the other flowers I make.

After sticking it down I then turn out the leaves with a pair of tweezers - this way you can mould the flower however you want.

If you get a split don't worry! 

Just roll them up separately and make little buds.  Again just mould the leaves with a pair of tweezers.

I hope you find this tutorial useful and just a different take on how Tim makes his pine cone flowers.  I do like a bit of a crumpled look!

Jennie x


Astrid Maclean said…
Brilliant Jennie and very useful (though mine never tun out as beautiful as yours :( )
The scrunching really makes all the difference, the colours are so gorgeous too!!
toni said…
Wow jennie! Thank you so much for sharing your technique. Your tag is beautiful ! Xx
Nikki Acton said…
Jenny you make it sound easy! They are stunning - I will keep practicing.....thanks for the guidance.Nikki x
rachel said…
these look brilliant and the tutorial is fab xx
Brenda Brown said…
Yours crumpled look is divine, thanks for sharing how you make these xx
Redanne said…
Beautiful Jennie, just beautiful! Great tip about the quilling tool too. Anne xx
butterfly said…
I can see I may have to yield to the pine cone... If I could crack this, and you make it seem so achievable, I might well get hooked on flowers too!
Alison xx